Change in planetary combat

stellaris 2 - Change in planetary combat

So recently I've been thinking about some things in stellaris, and then mainly planetary combat. For me its too basic. Recruit a lot of armies send them to a planet, you got it captured within a few weeks.

First of all, the armies. most armies will in the beginning be of your starter species. So lets say your species has an arid preference, why should it have the same amount of strength in capturing arid planets as in tropical planets. You would assume they have troubles fighting in the unfamilliar and foreign climate. So why not give armies negative buffs when fighting in different types of climates. But how do you capture planets with other climates? Well you use other species or like they did in the star wars universe with clones and storm troopers, you use speciallised armies. The clones had special armies for tropical planets, desert planets, Ocean planets. So why shouldn't you be able to specialize your armies too? You could maybe unlock a special building that allows you to specialize your armies (perhaps the military acedemy instead of it just giving starting experience).

Also, you have the armies, so where is the air force? I would assume that highly advanced aliens have air forces that could aid them in their combat? Maybe you could unlock the air force in the strike craft technology, maybe a new technology that can be researched after you get strike craft. But this would seem very usefull and give a bit more life to the generic land armies. And if you have the air force you could also have them as defense. Maybe unlocking a military base that you can build that gives pilot jobs that allow strike craft permanently in the defense. Or maybe add a decission that can be activated for some resources and influence which causes fighters to be added to the defense forces.

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Another thing that would be more interesting is a change in the combat itself, now you have just land your forces and wait for the battle to be either won or lost. Maybe add different stages where you get multiple choices and things happen depending on your choices. like your troops first land in a more remote place like farm lands and that from there on they start to make their way through the planet and that you can decide to attack certain things like mining districts or buildings that are build and that the closer the troops get to the enemy cities the more resistence they get (even from the civilians) and that when you are on the winning hand that the enemy troops retreat to military bases, camps and government facilities where they have a final stand and that they gain less damage.

This could in my opinion spice up the planetary combat in a good way, i'd like to know what ya'll think of it and i would be interested in hearing your idea's

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