Cheesing the nanite god?

stellaris 4 - Cheesing the nanite god?

I was wondering if it would be possible to make Grey my emperor and the chosen one. I’m a psionic ascended monarchy with a chosen one on the throne. Grey kindly greeted me in the l cluster and is currently a lowly governor, not a position befitting a nanite god. My strategy to get Emperor Grey would be to get him as the leader of my majority faction by dismissing leaders, then switching to democracy, making sure he’s elected, then back to monarchy. Massive influence drain but I can just max it out beforehand as my current leader is deep connections and chosen one lmao. From there it’s luck of the draw as to whether chosen one fires again, but it should happen eventually, worst case it kills him (can that even happen?) but he will hopefully regenerate.


My question is whether his unique trait actually does anything if he’s not a governor, and whether he can become a faction leader. If either of those aren’t true this doesn’t work. Another caveat is that if this does work even if he’s really good I’m effectively wasting one of my two best immortal leaders by having chosen one and nanite entity on the same one. I have synths but their leaders kind of suck compared to psychics.

Follow up question can a synth become the chosen one if I get it on the throne? That may be more practical if emperor grey doesn’t pan out.


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