Chronicles of the Galaxy: Interactions with the Vanoan. Chapter 1

stellaris 2 - Chronicles of the Galaxy: Interactions with the Vanoan. Chapter 1

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I was a kid when the Vanoan Pacification Services made a migration deal with our empire, and how two years later they opened their branch office on our homeworld. Soon after their commercials began to play everywhere. They opened a police force on our planet soon after and people flocked to join. The pay was amazing, good benefits, and possible citizenship after two years if you so wished.

I joined the police force after they opened their amusement park. Worked my way through the ranks, saved money. It was a good time. Throughout my time there I heard stories of how beautiful but cold the Vanoan worlds were. How good living there was and how the cost of living was worth it. So I saved up some more, and when I could moved over to their capital.

When I arrived there I was taken aback by how beautiful the City was. How the skyline of the mountains at the back were while I took in the chilly air.

After a few days checking the sights of the City i was, I went to my job posting and met with my Vanoan boss. She looked at me up and down before she told me to follow her into her office.

We talked for a few moments about my goals and my career path and what I expected before she had me sign some documents. As soon as I was done, she stood up, shook my hand and two enforcers entered into the room, slapped a collar around my neck and shock shackles.

I asked her what was happening, and she just smiled as she crossed her arms. “Your species have been deemed to be slaves by the government.” Was all she said as I was being dragged out of the room and was later shoved to the back of one of the Vanoan Jailer Ships, common all around my home empire.


I stayed in that ship for hours, riding all day with them as they took and dropped off slaves all over the city I was at. They eventually went back to their compound and took me out along with a few others from other species. After being locked in their ship all day, they threw us in another cell with a single waste recollection unit, and a cold stone floor to sleep in.

The avian slave just grabbed a corner and went to sleep standing up, while the rest of us were just confused. I don’t remember how long I stayed there, all I know is that I was bagged and taken out somewhere else.

After riding on something for some time, they took my bag off and undid my bindings. A Vanoan was before me, along with a member of one of their subsidiaries, with a ship at the other end of the landing pad I seemed to be on.

“Congratulations.” The Vanoan said. “Your contract has been sold. Good luck in your new home.” He smiled as the subsidiary transferred the money to the Vanoan before they grabbed me and dragged me to their ship.

So far I’ve been well fed and treated fairly, but I fear is to not damage me and make me more lucrative to be sold on their empire. I don’t know what awaits me in the future, but hear this, do not migrate to their empire. They may act like they love strangers, but all xenos that are different from them are just another handful of money to their pocket. There’s a reason you don’t see them living outside their borders.

This story was extracted from a discarded datapad on one of the worlds the Vanoan Pacification Services invaded three years ago. The citizens of the planet have been relocated to their slave world and some sold on the slave market. The name and whereabouts of the author are unknown at this point.

(Seen some other stories around here and got inspired to do mine. I’ll keep it as a 5 part short series for now).

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