Chronicles of the Galaxy: Interactions with the Vanoan Chapter 2

stellaris 4 - Chronicles of the Galaxy: Interactions with the Vanoan Chapter 2

—Saw other people posting stories and whatnot, so got inspired to do mine. It’ll just be a 5 part series. Don’t know how to link to previous chapter through phone. Sorry—

This is an excerpt of galactic news that aired on the year 2345.

…Breaking News! The Ertes Concern megacorporation announced today the end of the trade deal with the Vanoan Pacification Services megacorporation. The decision came as the Vanoan’s military was expanded yet again, adding three new fleets to their total armada.

The Ertes issued the following statement in response to their decision:

“The Vanoan Pacification Services as a corporation that sells weapons and military equipment should be taken seriously and threated as a rising threat. With each day that we allow them and their Chief Executive Officer Valenwe Tirith, to expand their reach into other empires, the more we feed into it’s authoritarian regime. The sooner we cut the flow of energy credits into it’s greedy hands, the sooner we can all band together to destroy this enemy.”

After the press conference, the two other empires allied with the Ertes Concern broke their trade agreements with the Vanoans as a joint move by their federation.

The Vanoan Pacification Industries, in response to the broken deals, closed its borders to the Ertes Concern and it’s allies, rising the tensions that have been brewing up for the past twenty years.


Valenwe Tirith, who has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Vanoan Pacification Services since they reached for the stars, issued a statement following her decicion to close her empire’s borders to the federation. Here’s what she had to say:

“For almost seventy years we had a trade deal with many empires in the galaxy, and during that time we have done our best to bring order and security to all worlds where we have branch offices established. Sadly, the Ertes Concern thinks that our influence over military goods makes us a threat to be dealt with and have cut themselves off of all the technologies we have to offer.

“Due to this change and almost overnight decision of our old market, the board of directors and I have decided to close all branch offices we have in their federation’s planets. We will continue diplomatic talks with the federation members in hopes to improving relations once more, and hopefully find enough common ground to open trade channels once more. Thats all we have to say.”

The Galactic Council Fleet Tracker have detected Vanoan fleets begin to move in their systems after years of being stationed in defensive systems, but the Vanoan have yet to confirm or deny any of this. We’ll have more after these messages…”

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