Claims should be cheaper for enemies with opposing ethics

stellaris 8 - Claims should be cheaper for enemies with opposing ethics

And more expensive for enemies with similar ethics.

Currently if you are playing materialist-egalitarian, meet another materialist-egalitarian and an authoritarian spiritualist tehre is no incentive for you as a human player to ally to another person with your ethics. In fact, often it is the opposite, it is better to attack a person with similar ethics since upon conquest you will have less revolts and get pops of the "good factions". To some extend this problem is solved by having ai having a better opinion of you but it's not enough.

Many RP multiplayer sessions have enforced rules that people of similar ethics should ally which is an awkward workaround (and in many cases bad, when it would be natural for them to be enemies anyway), it would be much better if there was some gameplay incentive to ally.


I suggest giving all ethics 10% claim cost reduction against opposing ethics and 10% claim cost increase against the same ethics (20% for fanatics). So if two fanatic materialist egalitarians meet they will have 140% claim creation cost against each other, making them way more likely to ally even if they are human. Similarly you can make claims against xenophile empires more expensive for everyone, so if you ever find fanatic xenophile it may be a bad idea to attack them because of how much influence do you need.

Roleplaywise the suggestion is fine too, it probably should cost more influence to convince your people to attack someone with shared values than to attack someone with opposing.


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