Complex Dev Diary 5: A Fine Tune

stellaris 4 - Complex Dev Diary 5: A Fine Tune

Hey everybody and welcome back to one of my weekly dev diaries! As some of you may know, I released a mod last week and im happy to see y'all playing and having fun with it, either by being rekt or being the rekt-er (?)

Common grounds

So, this week… Well, i have been working some more with MrFreake and his mod: Ark of Ascension.We created some really cool stuff this which i hope you guys get to enjoy pretty soon. Amongst them, let me introduce you the Planar Gate:

p4xgbh34pcr31 - Complex Dev Diary 5: A Fine Tune

This bad boy will be summoning creatures from other planes into stellaris', providing mobs for your heroes to farm.

The fact that this thing constantly spawns enemies forced a tweak in the exp system for the hero since there was no diminishing return in farming easy mobs. Mobs will increase their fleet power while the game progresses

We are almost done with this new cool stuff and it should be available and playable at the end the week!

Nyblax Healthcare

Now, back to my stuff. The Nyblax and the collector proved to be a good mod and I intend to continue working on it. I used a lot of time of this week to fix tons of typos, localisation, bugs and add new features.

If we take care of the Nyblax, the Nyblax takes care of us

Latest Updates to the Story pack

New Rules

The collector will only attack you if you attack it or have any runes in your reliquary

You can surrender your runes by contacting the collectors. You will give them your runes and they will stop harrasing you (this option is only available if you have any runes).

Once the mad collector shows up, communications with the collectors will be possible regardless of prior visit to their system

Prior to this update, the mad collector would magically get every rune that has not been digged yet, so there would be scenarios where everybody was so lazy to dig that the collector would instantly whipe the whole galaxy clean, or would only need to raid 1 or 2 empires. START DIGGGING! hahahahaha
Anyways, the system has been updated and now, once we hit midgame, there is a 50-50 chance that the collector will be triggered to spawn. if its triggered, it will check if every rune was digged, if not, a random missing rune will be given via an event to a random empire. This will cause the collector to spawn way later, not having every single rune in his power and scattering the runes across the map even more, causing him to delay his ultimate goal and giving empires a fighting chance.


All of these updates were pushed today. Some other fixes not mentioned here were pushed as hotfixes.

To do

I rekon this is a big mod and most of you probably did not get to experience every aspect of it. Tons of possible scenarios make things complicated and trying to have a "smart" empire that turns bad (the collectors) adds lots of extra difficulties. I love the challenge and I will continue to add more case scenarios to the table.

For instance, while writing this diary i noticed there is a case im missing: "mad collector has been attacked by an empire that does not hold any rune and empire wishes to surrender" I will need to add another option to the communications menu and test that thoroughly, among other cases that would enhance the players experience.

Another feature I really want is: having the collector's fleet power increase or decrease according to the crisis slider. I know some of you got frustrated becouse the collector was either too strong for your settings or too weak. One dude had 1 million fleet power in 50 years with a heavily modded game and stepped on the collector like a tiny little ant, dayum!

I would like to balance the collectors wish and add more wishes to the nyblax cubeI would also like to have the nyblax cube only available to be forged if you have all the runes (no more free nyblax cube if you defeat the collector), and, once you build it, be able to use it after a period of time, giving other empires a fighting chance

rh3vscmlpcr31 - Complex Dev Diary 5: A Fine Tune


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I had a really rough couple of years and modding, getting support and feedback from this community and patreons helped me a lot. I am greatful and I wish this relationship continues to grow!

Thank you for reading, for playing the mods I create, for providing feedback and for the support you give either by patreon or a simple thanks.I hope you continue to enjoy the mods and know that i love modding and creating quality content for you guys to experience!


Storypack: Nyblax and the Collectors

Ark of ascension

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