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stellaris 1 - Consecrated World Mechanics 2.2.2

Taking Consecrated World civic has been radically altered since 2.1 (even altered further since 2.2 with balance and bug fixes).

To have access to the accession perk you need to have either the spiritualist or fanatic spiritualist ethic.

This will give you access to 2 planetary decisions, Consecrated World and Revoke Consecrated World.

These decisions can only be performed on celestial bodies in your territory that are not habitats, ringworlds, or star class bodies (this includes blackholes, neurton stars, etc. anything that is the center of a system). Basically this means it can be applied to all planets, inhabitable or uninhabitable.

BOTH decisions (both to add and remove the modifier) cost 50 influence base. You may only have 3 consecrated worlds at a time.

There are four tiers of consecration a planet can have, influenced by RNG and planet type:

– Hive worlds, machine worlds, AI worlds, and city worlds cannot achieve a higher tier than 1.

– Asteroids, tomb worlds, gas giants, and shielded worlds have an 80% chance of being tier 1 and a 20% chance of being tier 2.

– All other uninhabitable planets not of the classes above have a 10% chance of being tier 1, 70% chance of being tier 2, and 20% chance of being tier 3.

– All other habitable worlds expect the ones listed above and Gaia worlds have a 50% chance of being tier 2, a 40% chance of being tier 3, and a 10% chance of being tier 4.

– Gaia Worlds will always be tier 4.

You may reroll a planet's tier repeatedly and endlessly as long as you are willing to spend the influence.

Each Consecrated Quality Tier adds 1 point per a tier level to your Empire's Consecrated Modifier, which scales from 1 (a single tier 1 planet) to 12 (three tier 4 planets).

Thee effects are as follows:

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– Tier 1: 2% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 1% bonus amenities.

– Tier 2: 4% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 2% bonus amenities.

– Tier 3: 6% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 3% bonus amenities.

– Tier 4: 8% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 4% bonus amenities.

– Tier 5: 10% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 5% bonus amenities.

– Tier 6: 12% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 6% bonus amenities.

– Tier 7: 14% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 7% bonus amenities.

– Tier 8: 16% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 8% bonus amenities.

– Tier 9: 18% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 9% bonus amenities. (MAX for uninhabited planets)

– Tier 10: 20% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 10% bonus amenities.

– Tier 11: 22% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 12% bonus amenities.

– Tier 12: 25% bonus unity and spiritualist attraction, 15% bonus amenities.

Sources: I pulled these numbers directly from the game files for 2.2.2.

So your choice is basically if you want to use only uninhabitable planets you can get a max amenity bonus of 9% (pretty solid still as the nerf from 2.2.1 only effects the unity and spiritualist attraction), or if you are willing to sacrifice some influence and some trash tier (non-tomb world) habitable planets you can push that bonus up to a very respectable 15% amenities (same bonus as the mega art installation, a rather large buff from the 2.2.1 limit of 12%).

Overall the perks is incredibly solid, providing both a massive unity boost early game (letting you snowball traditions and ignore building unity buildings), and a very rare empire wide % amenities buff. If you max this out and combine it with the mega art installation, you will reduce your amenity building and job needs by 30% per a planet, allowing for different and more useful buildings OR allowing you to stack amenities to increase happiness and increase stability (for the % production bonus).

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