[Console] Tips for New Beginners: Adapting to v1.7 until the free future DLC/Patches.

stellaris 1 - [Console] Tips for New Beginners: Adapting to v1.7 until the free future DLC/Patches.

Hello Stellaris Community,

I’m happy to say I bought Stellaris: Console Edition for Xbox. This is game is extremely fun with it’s immense galactic management, but it can also be daunting. Trying to learn what to do during a real time strategy game can often set you back.

After a couple early game run through and a lot of reading, here are a couple tips that I too, as a new player, would like to share and open up a discussion for new players and experienced players to add v1.7 tips/Console Edition tips.

For those who don’t know, the PC version of Stellaris is on v2.2 and the gameplay for Stellaris is vastly different compared to the current Console Edition. However, if you also unaware, developer Paradox will be releasing free updates to v2.2 on Console Edition over the year.

Here are some tips I would like to share:

1). Influence is perhaps the most important resource on Console Edition right now. Unlike Energy, Minerals, Food, and even Unity, there is very little you can do to gain Influence per month once you start losing monthly Influence. Stellaris will severely punish you for expanding too quickly.

In order to expand your borders, you need to take a Construction Ship to a cluster of stars that you find suitable to add to your empire and build a Frontier Outpost. However, an Outpost will cost a whopping -1 Influence per turn. This is huge early game. Do not expand your borders unless you have bottlenecked your resources, or if you have the Influence to freely expand.

Never overextend on your Influence income. Influence is needed to purchase Leaders, establish colonies and outposts (expanding). When you run out of Influence, Leaders will die and you will not be able to recruit more. You will not be able to expand unless your Leader has a Fulfillment that will reward you 250 Influence for building 4 research stations. Unfortunately, you eventually run out of Influence to expand your borders to reach new systems that require Influence to reach and build research stations on. It becomes a vicious power cycle.

2). Without creating a custom Empire, here are some ways to quickly boost Influence or maintain Influence without having to spend a lot:

a). There is one research early game that promotes +1 Influence. Always take that one early as possible.

b). When meeting Xenos (aliens) that you do not like, make them a Rival. Rivalries earn a small portion of Influence, but having a maximum of 3 Rivalries will add up.

c). You will want to invest early in Unity. Unity will unlock Traditions. Traditions will provide immense bonuses to your Empire and help steer the direction of your Empire. You can create a Monument among your population to gain +2 Unity per turn. Colonize two nearby planets and create two more Monuments. You will gain Unity quickly and unlock Traditions quickly.


d). Traditions have an adoption bonus. Pause the game and take some time to read these adoption bonuses for the whole Tradition itself (i.e. Exploration, Dominance, Prosperity…). Discovery will have a perk that allows you to recruit Scientists for 33 Influence instead of 50.

e). Democratic governments are duel edged. They will allow your populations to be the happiest they can be, which can promote happy Factions, and thus, more Influence. However, their constant elections can be an Influence black hole. If you are a Democratic government, I recommend unlocking Harmony and it’s first perk to extent Leadership life by 20+ years. You will spend less Influence recruiting less Leaders.

f). Happy Factions generate more Influence. Be sure to read a Faction’s views. They are very detailed and will tell you how to make them happier to generate more Influence. Some Government Civics and Traditions will amplify Faction Influence gains.

g). When you meet new Empires, do NOT immediately form Non-Aggression Pacts and Defensive Pacts, among other diplomatic relations that lower Influence gain. Most of these options will reveal they lower Influence once you select them.

3). Minerals are perhaps the second most important resource early game. You will need a large income of Minerals to quickly upgrade your planet buildings, spaceport, and mining stations. Typically, I will send my Construction ship to build Mining Stations on surveyed star systems AFTER I have unlocked Tradition Expansion, which will reduce Mining Station costs from 90 to 66.6. This is huge early game. As you begin accumulating a large Mineral stockpile, upgrade your Homeworld until you are ready to colonize for the first time.

4). Once you have managed a good Mineral gain, go back to systems that need research stations and build those too. If you have managed a positive income of all resources, I consider this a “Golden Age” although that is just my unofficial term. Maintain this Golden Age the best you can.



Influence is the most important resource on Console Edition right now. Do not expand too quickly.

Minerals are the second most important resource early game. However, do not go negative on any resource or you will cause a shortage and make your population unhappy/less productive.


Please add any additional tips if you feel my information is incorrect or incomplete (it’s definitely incomplete). Thank you! o7

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