Consumer Goods need some love

stellaris 6 - Consumer Goods need some love

Scrolling through the industrial sector comments i see a lot of "CG's are useless. you just need to keep them positive and youre fine, all the cool kids use alloys."

We need more things to spend Consumer goods on than upkeep for buildings so im gonna throw together a list. feel free to join in or yell that it would be totally busted.

  • Edicts
    • Time Capsule – spend like 1k CG to make a nice little time capsule. after like 20-100 years you open it up for some leader experience to push your newly hired scientists to something that can throw at level 5 anomalies
    • Support Fad – spend like 1k CG to support one of those fads like fidget spinners or pogs. boosting trade value for a while and yes with the consumer goods trade policy this can make a feedback loop
    • Renew Scientific Tools – give the scientists only the finest of calculators and coffee machines. no longer shall they deal with that 10 year old computer that can barely run the latest simulation models. boosts research speed for a while
    • Interplanetary Franchising – build a media franchise designed around your galactic neighbors. decrease border friction and increases opinion modifier of non-rivals and non-genocidals
    • Rival Propoganda – just like franchising but meaner. increases border friction and doubles the effects of declaring a rivalry
    • Seasonal Cleaning – get rid of all that cluttered junk getting in the way. throw out some consumer goods to gain a temporary boost to pop housing and happiness
  • Monuments (built in the planetary decisions tab. basically reverse district blockers)
    • Grand Statues – spend like 500 CG to permanently add a planetary modifier to the world. statues increase one specific government ethics attraction. for example if you're a fanatic authoritarian the statues would boost authoritarian ethics attraction by like 15%. anyone conquering the world could spend some resources to remove it like a district blocker
    • Specialized Equipment – Spend some CG to optimize your worlds equipment and calibrate it for that exact world. this will double the effects of the current colony designation such as 'mining world' or 'tech world'
    • Nature Preserve – spend some CG and block 1 district to give a habitability boost to the planet
    • Honorable Graveyard – Honor the fallen warriors who died in battle. gives a planetary boost to unity from pop jobs and a small empire wide experience boost to ships and armies
  • Consumer Stations (like mining stations or habitats but also use consumer goods)
    • Broadcast Station – kind of like an observation station you build above primitives, but around your own planets. and just like observation stations you can choose which option to use.
      • Entertainment- increase surface amenities and happiness
      • Propaganda – increase governing ethics and stability but lowers happiness
      • Commercials – increase planetary trade production
      • Public Service Announcements – decrease crime and slightly increase pop growth speed
    • Trade Station – like a pit stop between trading posts in starbases. it collects the trade value its built over and allows it to be collected by a station 1 hyperlane jump away or it can be collected by an existing trade route passing through the system. very vulnerable to pirates.
    • Black Site – can only be built in systems without a trade route or a colony. cannot be seen by other empires long range sensors, but can be seen directly by ships. expensive to build and maintain, but powerful effects and grants powerful bonuses to enemies who capture them through boarding armies. will self destruct if the system changes ownership without being boarded.
      • Unethical research station – +5% research speed. if captured your empire gets a temporary -25% happiness penalty -25% unity penalty and the capturer gets a large lump sum of science.
      • Secret Weapon test site – -10% ship retrofit cost +5% ship fire rate +5% progress bonus to tech found in debris. if captured your empire gets a -100 opinion penalty on the galactic stage and the capturer gets science progress towards military tech you have as if they scanned debris
      • Hidden Prison -empire wide +5% stability on planets and leaders are less likely to gain negative traits. if captured you get an empire wide +50 crime penalty and -50% governing ethics attraction and the capturer gets a large lump sum of unity

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