Creating refugees now a potential offensive action against xenophiles?

stellaris 8 - Creating refugees now a potential offensive action against xenophiles?


So, I was playing as a xwnophillic Megacorp the last few days. Now that I've got the hang of the new mechanics, and have a runaway economy (if not a runaway fleet…yet), I've noticed something.

Another player in the mp game plays the conquest game by displacing all xenos he conquers. Only one other player and myself accept refugees, and I've been dealing with a flood of new pops for about 30 years. At first, it was great. All my 8 world's were filling up nicely and my economy really took off. Over the last few years though, the pressure of new refugees arriving has been having a serious negative effect. Everything ended up in the red except energy surplus, which I used to offset everything else. All my world's filled up, forcing me to colonize more just to give new refugees somewhere to go.


While my economy has since bounced back, it's only because the displacement player stopped expanding and finished displacing the 7 planets they annexed.

So I'm wondering if a steady supply of refugees could be used to break a xenophile empires economy if another empire, or maybe a federation, can keep the refugee pressure high for a long period. Or maybe wait for the peak of stress on the economy, then invade and disrupt the trade routes to cripple the economy and watch the empire collapse.


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