Crisis retribution

stellaris 8 - Crisis retribution

This is going to be similar to many crisis suggestions here, but i think i have a more distinguishing factor. First time posting here tho.

TL;DR: Attack those who attacked you with new mechanics to revamp your strats.

After the end-game crisis, the game does get a little bland, so here's a follow-up OPTIONAL event choice.

Though, get rid of lag or this will never come to fruition!

  1. The Scourge

C.B.: Retribution

How this would operate is that once you've defeated the scourge, each and every empire can scan their corpses for sociology data. However, during each scan, there is a chance to get a new research option to create a drive capable of going through galaxies. this tech will be shared with all non-genocidal empires that took some form of actual loss from the scourge if the empire is non-genocidal and non-xenophobic. After that, a stupidly hard special project gets issued to find the galaxy and a even harder one to reach it. Then, a new map appears, and you face the Hunters. They are much stronger than the scourge and your warriors will not be able to fight and kill them off, probably.

Then, after a defeat, you get your 3rd research option to speed the travelling process up. The rest continues as a war with only one hyperlane crossing. However, the hunters will probably overpower even the fleets of an awakened empire and now you have a new crisis to solve!

Empires that know of the Hunters have a higher chance of not participating and they have an option to warn others. Militarists will ignore it though. Pacifists will refuse to invade unless 30% of their pops were killed and 5% of planets were wiped.

  1. Extradimintial

C.B.: Retribution

Every empire, regardless of machinery or max ascension perks, can become psionic, though empires which destroyed portals get a bonus. Machine empires are different though.


Every psionic empire with psi jump drive can try their RNG at creating a portal to E.I. home galaxy.

Once you succeed, YOU become EI. invaders with a similar entry point. Their galaxy is divided into the 3 factions all hostile to each other. they all are as powerful as 4 FE combined.

Unlike with scourge, though, invaders who you have not beaten will be friendly-ish towards you. those empires with try and use you to defeat their opponents. once you are defeated, they declare war on you.

Here's a catch: no colossi will harm their planets, but rather, harm them in some way if used properly. Orbital Bombardment is less effective. To help your cause, though, they have barely any kinetic weapons and armour, since they only use those in invasions.

  1. Contingency

After beating the Contingency, everyone can become synthetics/cyborgs, even psions. likewise, they have some different methods to do so. We get a series of research options to get better computing, giving various boons to your empire. once you reach around 17 upgrades, an event mentions what the contingency tried to tell the galaxy, and that you should stop. If you're like, "Nah, f off", a singularity might occur in those empires, acting like the end of the cycle. the more machines it kills, the stronger it gets. There is only one way of defeating it.

Introducing: the digital map. Create armies on your networks to destroy the hub for the singularity, but they have to be coordinated with the real ships. This map is unlocked in the 3rd upgrades.

So, what do you think?

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