Current spiritualists make little sense.

stellaris 2 - Current spiritualists make little sense.

Currently, any spiritualists in the game get an opinion bonus with one another. As we can see from Earth, this is not how religion works. I think that a fully fleshed out religion system could add an interesting new dynamic to the game.

Suggestion 1: Add distinct religions.

Instead of simply being "spiritualist" empires could have distinct religions that they follow. Each pop would have the ability to convert (or be converted) to other religions via missionaries, being forced to do so by the state, or a new "Holy War" Casus Belli.

Suggestion 2: A missionary system.

A missionary system could work something like the current megacorp branch system. A spiritualist empire could set up missions on planets they would like to convert, with bonuses to the host empire. Over time, these missions would convert pops on the planet to the desired religion. In addition, on planets you own there could be a "holy site" building that converts pops to the desired religion.

Suggestion 3: Customizable, distinct religions.

Currently there is only (functionally speaking) one religion in Stellaris. It seems quite strange that species from across the galaxy would have the same religion. With different religions, of course, come different religious beliefs. I'd propose that this be modeled with a system of sliders showing different aspects of the religion. Some examples may be:

Traditionalist (Lower opinion of other religions/materialists, harder to convert) to Progressive (More open to other religions, easier to convert.

Violent (At the extreme end, pops with violent+traditionalist religions may commit terror attacks against planets where they are in the minority) to Pacifistic (Different from the pacifist ethos in that religiously pacifistic pops will not commit terrorism.)


Polytheistic vs Monotheistic


Religions with similar beliefs that do not have the traditionalist trait would be more willing to get along with one another.

Suggestion 4: Religious terrorism. It's kind of self explanatory. It makes it so that you can't have a bunch of violent traditionalists living with a bunch of materialists and expect things to go well. This could be done via events that have detrimental effects on planets or simply by reducing stability.

Suggestion 5: State religions

Authoritarian or Fanatic Spiritualist empires could mandate a religion that must be followed within their borders. The penalty for not doing so could be done via the Policies tab and could be anything from forced conversion to P U R G E T H E H E R E T I C S.

Suggestion 6: Holy wars

Via this CB, empires with sufficiently different religions (or empires with similar religions who hate each other for other reasons) could go to war with one another to try to impose their religion on the other. If successful, a certain portion of the pops in the target empire would be converted to the desired religion.

TLDR: Current spiritualists get along a little too well IMO. By adding distinct customizable religions and making ways for them to vie for superiority and influence I feel that, in addition to remedying this, there could be an interesting new dynamic added to the game.

If there is a mod like this that I missed please let me know.

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