Currently playing CoM as a xenophobic empire that uses droid as specialist and xenos as servants

stellaris 6 - Currently playing CoM as a xenophobic empire that uses droid as specialist and xenos as servants

I played UNE many times and built that egalitarian paradise many times, where all species are treated equally and everyone eventually enjoyed utopian abundance and ascended into synthetic life all as one, and there is no difference between species anymore, and reduced game lag.

Then I decided to do something else.

I am currently playing CoM, conquered some xenos and made them all domestic servants, gonna say I wouldn't do it if not for roleplay reasons, the xenos are arctic and arid preference, make it very hard to put human rulers to those xeno planets.

I had to put some rulers because for stability sake, but I didn't move any specialists human to those planets, except for a robotist. But it's mostly rural districts with xenos there.

It was ok to move xeno servants to unity because they were on low living standards, but they required ~1.7-1.8 food instead of 1, which is quite a burden. Still it had to be done, so humans on unity can produce alloys and consumer goods.

There is also rubricator relic world, where humans are rulers and researchers, and xeno servants act as servants and clerks.

So, now I finally have droid tech, and my droids are ready to be dispensed to the xeno planets to act as specialists, so all those empty building spots can be utilized.

This play style means xenos are unhappy and therefore more crimes, quite unlike my other UNE egalitarian playthroughs where crime is non-existent.


So this means the current CoM is like this:

-highly xenophobic humans are the rulers and researchers, each planet has at least 4 administrator human, and relic world is full of human researchers.

-the droids, who are created by humans and therefore can be trusted though will probably not be given sentience, work as specialists and enforcers, producing alloys and civilian goods, while also suppressing servant rebellion.

-the xenos, are not trusted by humans, either primitives or empires invaded by the CoM and enslaved, working as servants and have very low living standards. (Will be increased to decent conditions when industry situation improves).

I switched from CoM's normal civics to byzantine bureaucracy for the unity bonus, am also thinking of taking warrior culture so xenos can work as duelists.

The CoM is now a satropy under the khan, and sends a fleet along the khan. Whenever the khan weakens a country, CoM declares war and uses the fleet to raid enemy pops (because I took nihilistic acquisition). CoM building up forces and wait to take their revenge against the khan.

I am not sure if I should research synthetics tech and not sure if I should take flesh is weak, maybe I should cause a AI uprising make it more fun.

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