Defeated my First Fallen Empire!

stellaris 8 - Defeated my First Fallen Empire!

I just played (and am playing) my first Stellaris game since the Le Guin update. I'm playing on ensign. I thought I was doing great. I was at least Superior to almost all my neighbors and had 90k fleet built up (compared to 35k for the next best empire).

Then the Fallen Empire awakened.

I watched as my neighbor between me and the Empire was massacred. And I knew what came next. I was next.

By then I think the year was 2419 and I, after watching YouTube videos had poured resources into tech and had just gotten to the repeatables.

It was not enough.

I had a 130k fleet now and no way to repel them.

All was lost.

Until I read a reddit post on here that gave me hope. "Hit and run" guerilla warfare became the name of the game.

For probably 20 years I had 3 fleets scrambling across the FE space picking up systems and then jumping at the last second to get away from them.

It was a large scale game of cat and mouse.

But it was the only way.

I finally got their war exhaustion up to 100 and spent the next 10 years cramming every ounce of research and production into upping my military and economy.

At the end of the truce I had a fleet of just under 300k in battleships and maybe 30 PD destroyers.

Their 600k fleet bore down on me.

I had no hope.

But I did have a citadel with a Command Center and I'd picked up the Galactic Contender perk too (+33% against Fallen Empire).

So I took a chance.

And I watched as their 600k fleet jumped into my system.

My whole body was on edge.

Was I gonna be destroyed?

Would this be the end?

Would I ever play Stellaris again if I lost?

To my surprise (and shock) my fleet went toe to toe with the Empire. In fact…


My cloud lighting and arc emitters absolutely WRECKED their fleet.

I was left with about 150k between 2 fleets. While they had about 70k left tucked away in their homeworld.

Nothing has been more satisfying than declining that first request for peace.

You started this war. And I'm gonna end it.

I spent 14 years chasing their fleets around the galaxy. Picking them off one by one and lapping up the star systems they had conquered along the way.

In the end my war exhaustion caught up with me before I could finish them. But the deed was done.

They were left with 4 planets and 4 star systems (and none of their homeworlds). And the Commonwealth of Man would become the dominant power in the galaxy.


Until the "subspace echoes" come to town (whatever nightmare that is)

Gotta say, burning their fleet down was one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had in a strategy game. "oH mY gOd…… You're [email protected]#$% DONE!!!" I remember literally saying out loud. What a great time. Can't wait to see what happens when I move the difficulty past ensign. And maybe stop trying to subdue the galaxy and play tall for once.

Here's what the galaxy looks like post conquest:

The arrows point to what's left of the Fallen Empire

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