Defender of the Galaxy’s threat list of government types

stellaris 3 - Defender of the Galaxy's threat list of government types

since my user flair is "Defender of the Galaxy" I as the leader decided to make a list of what government types we deem as a threat. I will be listing each of the AI personality types in the wiki and deem their threat level. I would do the normal government types if there weren't so many. I also make a threat level called "TERMINATE" this is basically a threat that we will try to deal with the moment we see them. So let's begin.

Hegemonic Imperialists: deemed a threat. we will try to stop them from conquering the galaxy

Federation Builders: they mainly wish to form federations to protect themselves. Not a threat.

Democratic Crusaders: only deemed a threat if they attempt to "liberate" empires not deemed a threat

Evangelizing Zealots: deemed a threat. we will try to stop them from forcefully imposing their religion across the galaxy

Migratory Flock: they mainly wish to spread their species throughout the galaxy peacefully into other empires. Not a threat

Spiritual seekers: they mainly wish to study their and other empire's connection to the divine. Not a threat

Decadent Hierarchy: only a threat to the slaves they already own in their empire. we would rather have Democratic Crusaders handle this

Slaving Despots: deemed a threat. they will forcefully gain more slaves from other empires, especially weaker ones, we must stop them

Erudite Explorers: only a threat if they try claim other empire's knowledge and technology by force

Fanatical Purifiers: TERMINATE! they are an immediate threat to all other sentient species other than it's own. they must be put down.

Metalheads: TERMINATE! Metal.

Harmonious Collective: pretty friendly authoritarians as long we don't bother them. not a threat

Peaceful Traders: the name says it all. not a threat


Xenophobic Isolationists: they simply want to be left to it's own devices than to deal with other species. not a threat

Ruthless Capitalists: will conquer weaker empires for their resources and wealth. deemed a threat

Honor bound Warriors: mainly wars against worthy enemies, not much of a threat to weaker empires

Fanatical Befrienders: only a threat to empires that they want as friends but they refused

Hive Minds

Hive Mind: Only a threat if boxed in. it it has plenty of space. they should be less of a threat.

Devouring Swarm: TERMINATE! they will try to eat all other life so they can expand their species. they must be stopped

Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence: not much a threat with other empires

Driven Assimilators: they will forcefully try to convert organics into their hive mind. deemed a threat

Determined Exterminators: EXTERMINATE! if left unchecked they will destroy every sentient organic life form. we need to stop them

Rogue Servitors: tries to ensure other organics safe and comfortable living. not a threat

Fallen Empires

Keepers of Knowledge: only a threat to empires researching dangerous technologies

Holy Guardians: only a threat to empires colonizing systems they deem sacred.

Enigmatic Observers: only a threat to empires enslaving or purging other species

Militant Isolationists: only a threat to empires that border them

Ancient Caretakers: this artificial intelligence is in some sort of caretaker mode. not a threat

Awakened Fallen Empires: TERMINATE ALL OF THEM! they want to control some factor of the galaxy and kill those who oppose them. all of them must be stopped

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