Democracy Rework Suggestion

stellaris 2 - Democracy Rework Suggestion

Democracies in the current game work almost the same as oligarchies or monarchies which in my opinion is a missed opportunity. They could be something really unique and bring all the powers and weaknesses that democracies bring IRL.


First of all the game sorely lacks political parties. The factions are close to parties but aren't quite there, also some random scientist could be elected and I don't feel that's really not in the spirit of a democracy. It feels like elections cannot be planned for (other than saving influence) which really plays down the challenges of a democracy. I propose democracies get some unique faction mechanics.

  • Only faction leaders may be elected
  • POPs will vote for their faction leader exclusively.
  • Factions not in power receive negative opinion modifiers, increased for opposite ethics
  • Factions are more likely to form
  • Fanatic factions can form which will draw in fanatics from their not-so-fanatic factional counterparts
  • Independence factions can form which will draw in POPs of a certain planet or species
  • Voting laws should be unlocked through techs/civics that change who votes and how they're counted
  • On election policies may change.
  • Factions are given a power rating upon elections (visible under demographics as a chart or on their faction page as a number), this is the % votes received and acts as an influence modifier.


Arguably the biggest change I'd like to see is have democracies flip ethics with their elections. This would require democracies to not be able to access any civics with ethics requirements (but they could receive their own special civics as well). I'd also like to see laws go through a voting period for policy changes, when a policy change is selected factions choose their stance on the change. The side with a higher power rating gets their change enacted.

Voting Laws

A big part of democracy is deciding who is allowed to democracy with you. Will you let the xeno's vote too? Will you remove votes from a sector? Voting laws are a number of planetary decisions, species rights and policies you can enact to decide just how democratic your democracy is.

  • You can decide whether yours is a direct democracy (every voting POP is counted equally), wealth weighted (higher strata POPs have more voting power), or even first past the post (every planet only gets a few votes). Many of which are unlocked by growth and/or tech.
  • Votes are based on political power, more living standards have an effect on political power.
  • A planet's political power can be weakened by decision for a large amount of influence, loss of stability and a loss of happiness.
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This is all to allow for a more dynamic, interactive and interesting democratic authority gameplay.

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