Dev Diary: Planetary Exploration

stellaris 2 - Dev Diary: Planetary Exploration

Good day! Annatar is with you! I have not written large diaries for a long time, finally there is a great reason. I decided to take a short break from the constant stream of updates for
New Frontiers. In the last news about the latest New Frontiers update, I promised to tell you what I'm working on now. This is a relatively small, optional mod that pious patrons will be able to try out in a couple of weeks, and everyone else in a month.

Planetary Exploration (working title of the mod, subject to change) is the first part of my plan to recycle resources (the second part is Planetary Outpost, which I mentioned in the previous diaries).

Before I start talking about Planetary Exploration, I must warn you about some future changes to New Frontiers related to the release of the new mod. All subclass modifier effects will be removed, except for some exceptions. Extreme worlds will add negative fitness and heavenly ones positive. There will be no more unbalanced and controversial subclass modifiers, instead, subclasses will characterize their own characteristics (deposits). All deposits added to New Frontiers will be removed as deposits will now be managed by Planetary Exploration.

Let's move on to the main topic of this diary. What is Planetary Exploration for and what will this mod give?

First of all, the goal of Planetary Exploration is to make the game more complex and interesting through the redistribution of deposits and a lack of resources. At the same time, the game will lack the usual balance of resource allocation from the vanilla game. Resource allocation will follow a certain logic, which I will discuss in more detail a little later. Terms like blocker and special deposit will disappear. However, some deposits will still overlap others, but will no longer be unequivocally negative. Such deposits will be called terraformable. Accordingly, terraformable deposits can be removed or left if it is profitable. Here I am implementing my ideas, which I wrote about before Stellaris 1.9, when the dev diaries about the new planetary system were published. Planetary Exploration is an incarnation of my Astrogeology mod for early versions of the game, which longtime subscribers to the Real Space mod periodically remind me of.


Now let's move on to a more detailed analysis of resource reallocation and start with energy credits. This resource will become more scarce, more precisely, it will greatly depend on the infrastructure and technical development of the empire. The main source of energy credits will be space (here I mean primarily the energy of the stars), not planets. Or the balance will be roughly evenly distributed, especially at the expense of trade value (not for cars and swarm). Trade in general will become more important, but more on that later. Of course, you can still find a planet that can provide a significant number of energy regions. Space will likely have to be sacrificed as power plants require a lot of space that can be used more efficiently. Energy deposits producing 2 or 3 districts will become very rare.

Minerals will continue to be the richest resource in the galaxy, perhaps even richer (but that's not certain). However, this resource will become more difficult to access and will almost always be blocked by another deposit that will have to be donated. "To get anaptanium, you need to cut down those damned trees!"

Food … Someone thinks this resource is completely useless. And there is always a lot of it … but it was like that before. Now this resource will become even rarer than energy loans. Forget lichen farms and oasis plantations, farming is an art. And in the arctic or desert region, you will never get as much food as in temperate climates. But if you're lucky, you can grow something in the extreme region.

Remember the times with tiles? When research resources could be found on the planet. If someone was waiting for this, then you can rejoice. Now those days will return, and some regions will provide small (or large) research bonuses. Most often it will be sociological research, physics research will be concentrated in space, and engineering research somewhere in between.

In Planetary Exploration, all vanilla deposits will be reversed. All deposits will have unique properties and will not be repeated, possibly except for some initial deposits and deposits from events. In addition, I will add many new interesting deposits.

And that's not all the things this mod will give you. On release, I plan to add at least 2 new professions: pioneer and smuggler. It is likely that more will appear in the future. Both professions will have a significant impact on the planet's trade value.

Space deposits will not be changed on release. This will be another big change that I will add in the first Planetary Exploration update.

That's all for today, I hope you were interested. I apologize for translation errors, I cannot afford a personal translator. Subscribe to my Patreon page, my job is totally dependent on your support. Join the conversation on our Discord server, discuss, suggest ideas and report bugs.

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