Did a quick breakdown of the console editions trailer

stellaris 5 - Did a quick breakdown of the console editions trailer

So, incase somehow you've got this far and are not aware, Paradox released a
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trailer for the content we have coming in 2020, a very non-specific trailer mind; then told us the "the answers are hidden in the trailer". Well, Paradox social media person, I accept your challenge.

Now, while it might seem as though the trailer doesn't give much away, it actually tells us an awful lot about what we've got coming.

For those of you who don't care about the specifics and just want to know what we've got coming for sure, I'll tell you now we have 100% got Apocalypse, Distant Stars, and the Humanoid Species Pack. Strangely, the trailer didn't seem to confirm Synthetic Dawn, but I find it highly unlikely we wouldn't get that since it released before the two major DLCs we can confirm, Apocalypse and Distant Stars. I won't go into all the features of these features/DLC here, I'll give each DLC its own post where I breakdown all of its features.

The trailer was quite interesting, in the fact it showed some artwork, and some of what was seemingly in-game footage, and we know it was in-game because you can actually see little regeneration symbols popping off of ships in some of the scenes.

Now, on to the hefty breakdown of everything we see.

Apocalypse is actually confirmed 2 seconds in, with this scene, the space craft to the left and right of the centre craft are "ion cannons" which were added in the apocalypse DLC. I added a picture from the PC version for comparison.

The next scene shows some craft flying through some rubble with a ruin of some description behind them, could be a ruined sentry array? Or just a destroyed colossus? Hard to tell for sure.

Then we get our first look at a proper colossus, i.e a world cracker/neutron sweeper/global pacifier.

The scene that follows, doesn't appear to show… anything at all? Of note anyway. Entirely possible I've missed something, if so do let me. It appears to just be a fight of some description happening over a ruined ring world. Then again it's possible the big ships could be titans? But I'm inclined to think maybe not since there's no perdition beams clearly visible. Anyway, here it is.

This scene here, might appear to just show some people standing in a ship looking out into space, but actually, even if it's a little hard to make out in amongst the space dust. there's actually a Tiyanki in the centre. This was the first clue that hit me as a potential clue to the Distant Stars DLC as I figure it could be hinting at the Tiyanki Matriarch, which was released in that DLC, however it is confirmed 100% a little later on.

Follows, another scene which doesn't appear to show much. Just some ships fighting. Again, I could be missing something, so do let me know if I am. Here it is regardless.

Yet another scene at 12 seconds that shows very little, some ships fighting near a black hole. Although, it is possible the station in the background is a starbase (I find it unlikely that we won't get these given we're getting apocalypse) but it could also be something else entirely.

This next scene shows what appear to transport ships, specifically humanoid transport ships, being shot at as they head towards something. If this doesn't convince you of the humanoids species pack, don't worry, you will be satisfied soon, I promise.


Then, we get to one seriously bomb ass scene. That highly hints at Megacorp. I know, I know, I didn't list it at the start. That's because I'm not sure this is really confirmation since it was, by my reckoning the only scene that appeared to show anything from Megacorp throughout the trailer. This scene, appears to
show an Ecumenopolis. I've included a couple of pictures frim the PC version for comparison.

GZeGbFR - Did a quick breakdown of the console editions trailer

This scene at 14 seconds shows very little, appears to just be some ships just fighting a starbase over a white star.

However, the scene following on from that 100% shows a humanoid science ship flying by. So yay, Humanoids Species Pack confirmed. I've included another picture for comparison.

I don't think this next scene shows anything actually new? It shows a pirate galleon class ship fighting some things. It's definitely a pirate galleon though, here's a picture from a year back posted on r/Stellaris that's resembles the position of the ship in the trailer almost identically.

Then we get a better look at a colossus. Not much to say here, it's cool though. A mammalian one to be specific mind.

We get our first look at the scrapper bot next, this is the bit that confirms Distant Stars. I included a comparison from the PC version here. The scrapper bot is a leviathan for those who don't know.

Then we get a shot of a guy in a small craft, presumably a strike craft. He appears a few times in the trailer, I've not bothered to include a picture since it gives away nothing in terms of content. Same applies for his other scenes. He appears a few times over the remainder of the trailer and he beelines for the other colossus that we're about to see, I feel like this is meant to be a reference to an achievement I'll be surprised if we don't get called "Stay On Target" which you get for destroying a colossus that is in the process of firing. This achievement is obviously a reference to Star Wars. Just a neat little thing I guess.

Here we see a fleet of humanoids ships of various sorts. Again not much to say since we already established humanoids is confirmed.

Then we get to see an ion cannon firing its perdition beam. Very cool. But we saw them earlier, so not much to add here.

We then get a brief glimpse of a humanoid titan class ship. Titans are basically an ion cannon strapped to a hyperdrive.

On to the
final scene of the trailer now, it shows that strike craft we've been following facing off with a colossus, a plantoid one to be specific. Looks very cool indeed, a high res version would probably make a cool wallpaper.

So yeah, in conclusion, we're definitely getting Apocalypse, Distant Stars and the Humanoid Species Pack. They're almost certainly confirmed. Then there were hints towards Megacorp in the form of the ecumenopolis but nothing more than that. Strangely, nothing concrete on Synthetic Dawn which was rather odd, but I'd be highly surprised if we didn't get it.

I hope this helps those of you who wanted to know for sure what the trailer contained.

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