Didn’t manage to get all of them

stellaris 4 - Didn't manage to get all of them

Preface: I was using a LOT of mods for this playthrough, most of them pretty well balanced EXCEPT for the fact that I started with an eight-section ringworld from Zenith of Fallen Empires. I've played a lot of Stellaris and didn't feel like struggling through the early game on this particular day, so I guess I decided to spoil myself just this once.

Don't worry though, that's relevant to the story! Because as you can imagine, an eight section ring world is enough to give quite the early game advantage and that basically means the first spacefaring civilizations I met were caught with their pants down. I also happened to be playing a genetically engineered warrior race from a past era, named the Sullaian Hegemony, and they had a (genetically hard-coded) thing for bloody conquest.

So yeah, needless to say, the first species that the Sullaians made contact with – the Tendraak – were immediately set upon and enslaved. They were herded from their homeworld, Tendraak'nak, into Ringworld Sullaia's recently reclaimed agrarian district to wait (and starve) while accommodations were built. The bones of their empire were left out to moulder in the cold and unfeeling galaxy, and they themselves would prove to be sturdy and dependable slaves across the entire Sullaian ring.

The second species that made contact with the Sullaians – the Mirians – weren't so lucky. They were conquered too, of course, but by this point the Sullaians already had more than enough slaves. The mirians weren't needed, but they had been more than insolent in the brief time they'd spent unconquered.


The mirians were killed to the last, or so the Sullaians thought. There had, it turns out, been escapees to other empires, but that wasn't a concern at the time. By this point the other spacefaring civilizations that made contact with the Sullaian Hegemony had already become well established enough that getting rid of them would be more costly than just one war, and many of them had chosen to band together in the face of the Sullaians' blind violence. So the Sullaians retreated inward – to their ringworld and to their isolated territory within the galactic core – hidden behind their hyperlane fortress chokeholds.

Thus far I've abstained from throwing the Sullaian Hegemony into all out war with the other races, although literally all of them hate me, but I did snatch up the opportunity to subjugate a neighboring empire belonging to a species called the Mithrani. This was the first inkling I've recieved that trace of the Mirians still survive, because a single pop worth of them happened to be taking refuge in Mithrani space. Apparently I didn't manage to get all of them.

Once the Mithrani territory has been incorporated into the wider Sullaian Hegemony, I do intend to change that. I know for sure that I also intend to dismantle the Mithrani empire entirely once it falls under my control, but I'm not sure whether to give the mithrani the same fate as the mirians or resettle them (enslaved or given residence).

I took the time to look and found that the mirians had only managed to successfuly survive within the space of another empire (I forgot their name). To my surprise, one of them happens to be leading that empire too!

That empire is a lot higher on the "Hates me scale" than most of the others.

So yeah, idek, hope you enjoyed that story. Feel free to give your suggestions!

Also, as an addendum, committing space genocide actually feels pretty gross. I'm not a fan of genocide, believe it or not.

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