Diplomacy issues that will not be fixed by Federations dlc

stellaris 3 - Diplomacy issues that will not be fixed by Federations dlc

After reading much about the upcoming Federations DLC, I gotta say I was rather disappointed that they didn't seem to mention any of the diplomacy problems I had with the game. Maybe they will but didn't mention it, but I honestly cant remember the last time a game industry actually surprised me.

These are the grips in diplomacy that makes want to play a total war empire, if I'm missing any, do comment down below. Or if Federations will in someway address any of them.

System acquirement: As of right now, its impossible to get a system from someone else, unless you claim the system and war them. Even your pathetic tributary that just got out of the stone age, wont trade his empty system for 10 other system and 80k energy/alloys. Federations dlc didnt seem to mention any way to get system from allies in any sort of way, which means you gotta drop out, claim and war your federation to get a specific strategic system that you need.

Tech and resource trading: So, let say you invest a lot of portion in alot of science, that means your eco will be shit compared to a pure eco build and your fleets will be small. In the real world, we can still trade weapons, and new technology. Not stellaris thought, over here we got a trade market that creates resources out of thin air. Personal trades with AI allies only range from 1-1k even in lategame because AI is always broke, making trades useless, that is, assuming they are even willing to trade with you. And we cant trade alway tech, or even sell fleets/armies

War exhaustion: The bigger your federation/vassal empire the worse the War exhaustion will be against you. Because weaker nations can kamikaze their fleet and increase your overall war exhaustion.


Open border trading: Oh you went to war with someone, but now there is a pathetic empire on the way? well he is going to blatantly deny your demands for open border because you're somehow their rival despite you being overwhelming. So now you are in two wars.

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Impossible war goals: The AI in general has a serious problem in knowing when to surrender. When its in a Federation though, it will never surrender, thus making any war goal that cant be gained through status quo useless. Including demanding to be a vassal, even if you capture ALL their system and planets, after the status quo you will still get a fragmented piece of shit vassal that isn't the original empire.

Federation gateway: Still cant build gateways in your federation allies system, of course you cant count on the AI in doing it, so tough luck assisting an ally in the other side of the galaxy. There is a rather mod for it though which baffles me that it isn't official already.

limited ways to change diplomacy relations: Wanna make someone hate you? insult them. wanna make someone love you? give them free food and rival their rivals. Wanna get someone to unrival you? get yourself a planet cracker and put it to work. If a federation of 10 members has a single one that hates your robots for some reason, then you cant join their federation, even if everyone else seems to love you. Likewise if you are in a federation you cant invite someone for the same reason, just because someone has been rival with him for the past 80 or some years.

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