Discussion on in game hyperdrive, fluff not crunch

stellaris 4 - Discussion on in game hyperdrive, fluff not crunch

Discussing in game hyperdrive. This is purely foe lore and roleplay world building. Mostly me piecing info together so just work with it, feel free to add or subtract from my rambling fever dream

This is fundamentally different than starwars example of hyperdrive which is just the ship speeding up faster than light breaking physics,( and where a dust particle can destroy your ship)

When activated the ship is launched into an alternate dimension where the vessel then under its own propulsion moves with the lanes. Albeit not entirely restricted to the lanes. The lanes are, the best anology for us meat bags "currents" that exist in the "ocean" of that dimension. Traveling down them offers faster and more consistent journeys, safer too.

With level 1 hyperdrive an average jump to another system roughly takes 2 days(lane length dependent, this is average) to traverse from one entrance, lets call them shoals to another.

Level 2 hyperdrive is where weak points in real space are found allowing lower energy demands and charge up to enter hyperspace.

Level 3 is discovering and roughly mapping energy flow to ride the current downstream to your end shoal. Before this imagine just brute forcing your way through hyperspace instead of riding the stream.

Now we know that hyperdrive is a means of ftl where the ship goes to the edge of the system, (the gravity is weaker so less interference and the shoal is present). But when you research experimental hyperspace navigation a science ship can jump from anywhere in a system to anywhere else in a straight line. Travel times this way are far less consistented and their is far more risk. The fact fleeing ships jumping away from battle jump home directly which can be damaged or lost in hyperspace we can argue that technically you can enter hyperspace anywhere it is just very ill advised.

When doing an A to B jump it is likely dodging shifting anomalies and gravitational forces. While the lanes shift with everything else and remain constant to each other allowing a safe consistent experience each time so A to B B to C etc.

When a ship enters and begins moving, the way the ship is getting to its end goal faster than light would (in real space) is either and this is where our debates and discussions will begin


Enetering hyperspace and then reappearing in the next system 2 days later did the ship do so by traveling

A) Physically a shorter distance in that dimension but physical laws are relatively the same(speed of light, energy demands, etc) the ship enters and accelerates then upon re-entering real space, where they have now just happened to traverse that extreme distance of lightyears.


B ) the same physical distance as realspace but in hyperspace physical laws are different (speed of light, energy demands, limits). The ship can accelerate to ludicrous speeds under its own power without breaking physics going faster and faster. Upon reaching its destination and returning to real space it switches back to our laws.

I believe a ship maintains its entry velocity and vector it had entering upon exit. This will be argued but my logic is what the ship does in hyperspace happens in hyperspace and what it was doing in realspace is what it will be doing in real space. We can debate this but for now just to move it along yes I know this works better with A than B but it can be handwaved or alternatively it could be upon reentry the velocity is a constant etc.

Now This leads to another thing i am considering. This will piggyback off the first options.

The ship was gone for 2 days in realspace. Is that the same amount of time that passed on the ship while it was in hyperspace?

Was time sped up or slowed down. Was it two days for realspace and on the ship hours? Days? Weeks? I doubt months albeit that could be the case in halo slip stream jumps would take months to years. A big schism a small one? Is it constant or variable of nunerous factors?

This is more of a universe building thing as it would determine ship set up and how well supplied. If the ships make use of stasis pods or similar tech and the crew hibernates between reality (these would also explain why leaders dont age radically between jumps if time is different)

Talk, ponder, rip my ideas to shreds

Lets talk about FTL.

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