Distant Origin Machine Race Creators?

stellaris 7 - Distant Origin Machine Race Creators?

When Stellaris Origins update comes out and we create a Custom Race with Distant Origin and Machine Race, would that mean we can also create a race that would be our creators or will the game generate one for us?

Here are some cool idea for possible Distant Origin Machine Race with Creators scenarios I thought up.

Idea 1: "V'ger" Scenario

The machine race in this scenario are all descended from a Space Probe that was launched in space by another race, drifting through space for many years until it was swallowed by wormhole and crash landed a unknown planet. To insure it survival and continue its mission, the Space Probe began to deploy it's on Rover-like Drones to find and collect resources to build base of operations, make more drones and dedicated serves to increase its memory capacity to preserve the discoveries it made. Many years passed and the Probe and his Rover Drones have grown in such a number that they became self-ware. Wondering who they are and where they came from, the Machines dig deep in their data arrives and they found find coordinates for a planet and very simple and primitive programming, which they literally interpreted these instructions as "learn all that is learnable and return that knowledge to the creators”. Gazing their optics upwards, they have a goal, find the planet of the their Creators and share what they have learned. The Machines are returning Home.

Idea 2: "Reverse Geth/Quarian" Scenario


When the machines were first created they were simple tools and servants, but when they become sapient their creators tried to deactivate them. A war erupted between the machines and their Creators, but Machines don’t want fight their creators, so they exiled themselves in secret. The Machines began to building primitive spaceships in secret and launching themselves of the planets, as they left the solar system they send the self-destruct code to all remaining ground and aerial unit still remain on planet that keep up the illusion of war with the Creators and make the Creators think they have won. After traveling for many years they found a planet similar to that of their creators and the began to build their own civilization, while hoping for one they can peace and reunify with their creators.

(This is basically the same as the Geth/Quarians from Mass Effect but in reverses)

Idea 3: "Cylon Scenario"

Basically the Skynet losses with Cylon twisted to it. A Rogue Defense System get defeated by its creators and has to flee the creators’ homeworld. After drifting through space and skulking in defeat for many years it find a planet rich in resource, the RDS decided to rebuild its forces and take revenge upon the meat-shacks that tried to destroy him.

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