Distant Stars and Leviathans content removed or broken in 2.2

stellaris 6 - Distant Stars and Leviathans content removed or broken in 2.2

Problem: Leviathan quest chains that rewarded special buildings (i.e. Ether Drake monument) now offer no rewards at all

Suggestion: This one might actually be a bug or oversight, since the buildings are in the code for the game but commented out — either way, they should be returned as building slot options.

Problem: L-Cluster strategic resources were replaced by a single resource, Nanites, with almost no uses.

Suggestion 1: The strategic resource rebalance was bad for the game and removed a ton of interesting and unique rewards. Bring back some of the more unique and rare strategic resources, like the Grey rewards.

Suggeston 2: If that's going too far, then provide some edicts that consume nanites and give buffs similar to what the 2.1 L-Cluster rewards gave. The reward for clearing an L-Cluster really needs to be commensurate with the difficulty, and 2.2 was a huge nerf to that reward.

Problem: Trader and Artist Enclaves had their unique Strategic Resources and buildings removed, making them much less useful and interesting.

Suggestion: Bring back the Enclave special buildings and resources.

Problem: In 2.2, mineral and research costs/output increased dramatically, but special event/anomaly rewards weren't changed to match, making some rewards much less valuable and some almost worthless (150 minerals meant a lot more in 2.1 than 2.2). Distant Stars quests seem particularly affected, but many from the vanilla game have the same problem as well.


Suggestion: some mineral rewards should be changed to alloy rewards, and others rebalanced to take increased production into account. Research rewards should be scaled up across the board.

Part of the fun of Stellaris, for me at least, is how much stuff there is to collect; it makes every game a little different, outside of just picking your starting empire. Maybe one game you get Level 6 armor from the Ether Drake. Maybe another game you unlock the L-Cluster early, fight a desperate battle to control it, and suddenly have huge buffs to your society. Maybe another game you have Titanic Beasts leading your armies, or brain slugs infesting your pops. The unique buffs, buildings, resources, etc. make each game different, and the best ones can change how you play, or at least make your playthrough feel special. Removing so much of that content in 2.2 really feels like a step back.And… not to put too fine a point on it, but some of this was paid content, and removing it without any replacement just feels pretty uncool.

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