Economic Advisor: Saving Empire of Man

stellaris 2 - Economic Advisor: Saving Empire of Man

Given recent developments in the Empire of Man, their Leadership contacted experts in Econo-Xeno Relationships – ME.
We should begin analysing overall economic situation of Empire:

We cans see several important factors:

Empire is Producing insane ammounts of Consumer Goods, Alloys and Food.

Empire is dependent wholly on market supply of Rare Crystals, Exotic Gases and Motes.

Empire is in serious Energy Crisis, after selling everything on market sell prices plummeted and buy prices were way beyond your local moon, Buying price for Minerals were equal or higher than selling price of Alloys.

Not seen in picture but very Important, empire had pretty much best Navy in neiborghood

Our contractors asked ME to guide empire through economic crisis without touching goverment structure.

Firts Steps:

Cut Ties with Market: Completely removed Alloy Selling and Mineral Buying options. This gave market chances to normalize prices, we had little time for that.

Stopping Stategic recources was not an option, they were far too important for Empire

With Surplus of 300 CG and 900 Alloys we could get rid of several Buildings that were consuming too much recources.

It was time to add strategic recource buildings, research was focused on finding Strategic resource Creation and after some time we had all three buildings. They were used to replace CG and Alloy Building across whole empire

Moving pops: it was not easy balancing all the specialist that were left out after destroing buildings, but moving them across all planets helped.

Change districts: Empire was producing way too much food in farms and 'other places', moving to mining or generator districts was far better solution.


Xeno Relationships: It was concluded that xenos were grinded down and then sold to the Galactic market, but research showed that some of that xeno filth was present on tables of citizens. To avoid such failure it was decided to work them till they exausted their life energy. This helped Economy very much. For optimization all xeno pops were moved to former planet known as Meinzer now named Holl.

These first steps were quite good but energy deficit rose to 2k but this was not bad at all, now that alloy prices were stabilising we could sell them manually at intervals at a very good price.

Military Steps:

Now that basic things were taken care of or were in process of it, we could focus on our neigbors.

Their military (exept for fallen empires) were pathetic but some had big alliances or were too big to focus on right now while economy was in shambles. after carefully serching and analysing, two systems of interests were Revealed : Tell and Soll. Tell was one planet empire with defensive pact with another empire on other side of galaxy and quite far from me, military fleets were close so taking them was first was prioritized. Invasion was swift: war was over in 6 months. Newly accuired pops were moved to Holl.

After focusing More on Economy we planed expediton to Soll system, former khan planets with quite remarkable force but tiny compared to us. War with them was also very short and Empire gained two new planets from them and many more pops.

After moving everyone to their new homes we Checked our Economy,

Satisfaction was immesurable and day was improved.

There are small dependecy on market right now but with far more reliable and internally focused Economy Empire of Man should have no problems with swinging their enormous sticks at other Empires.

Thanks for reading it was fun.

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