Empire backstory: The United States of America (Fallout)

stellaris 5 - Empire backstory: The United States of America (Fallout)

America was once a shining beacon of freedom amongst a sea of oppression, the solitary bulwark against the red tide of a long-forgotten evil. America stood strong for three hundred and one years, never failing, never faltering, always standing for what was just. It took the fires of nuclear Armageddon to shake its foundation, and the centuries after were the darkest in the history of mankind.

Those who survived the apocalypse fled to the safety of the underground vaults. The vault dwellers would emerge after the nuclear winter to a broken world, and the radioactive horrors of a new age. Some struggled to rebuild their great nation by constructing peaceful settlements, but most others fell to barbarism and fought over what few resources remained in the rubble. Others still remained in their solitude, waiting for a time when they could exit their shelters to a future free of raiders, mutants, and ghouls.

As petty nations and barbarian gangs divided up the rotting carcass that was the USA, the last remnants of the Government survived the war on the last Oil Rig. When they returned to their homeland decades later they found it polluted by hideous FEV abominations and the ravenous, mutated "survivors" of the Great War. Their first efforts to purify the lands were thwarted by a barbarian knew not what they were destroying, and the final death of the United States of America seemed certain.


But Freedom never dies.

Those who survived the destruction of the Oil Rig and the last stand at Navarro regrouped, recollected themselves, and reformed. They learned to accept the barbarians of the wasteland, to guide them against the evil non-human threats of the world. War was waged to unify all Americans- to unify all Humans- to rebuild what once was lost. For the first time in two hundred years Mankind could see a bright future ahead of them. Old World Blues were replaced by New World Hopes, and their eyes turned once more to the stars.

Much knowledge was lost in the war, and yet much could still be salvaged, rediscovered, re-purposed. Soon the first star ships were leaving Sol's light to venture forward into the unknown. To find new, unbroken worlds. To spread American freedoms and Human ambitions to all corners of the Galaxy. Everything that stands in the way of Mankind's Manifest Destiny, Galactic Domination, is to be exterminated with hellfire and fury. Because if there is one thing that humanity learned during the long night, it's that war…

War never changes.

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