[Endgame Spoilers] So I did some science on the Sentinels.

stellaris 6 - [Endgame Spoilers] So I did some science on the Sentinels.

Again, spoilers for the endgame crisis, Prethoryn specifically. The Sentinels spawned and I did some science on them that I thought might be interesting.

The Sentinels spawned in a useless location, with a few flavor/themed space stations, a 100k fleet made of mixed designs (including fallen empire ships), and a "refugee fleet" with 0 fleet power. I only got one event from them, they noticed I was fighting the prethoryn and granted me a 12k fleet, which was useless as I had three 100k fleets going, but I appreciated the thought.

Now, this fleet too, included fallen empire ships, but I didn't get any tech out of it. Being the scummy, xenophobic empire I was, I plotted to invade the fallen empires to steal that sick dark matter tech, but they were quickly engulfed by the scourge. Now my eye was on the Sentinels for the tech, but I wanted to see how their story played out.

I let the prethoryn get to their doorstep before clearing the space. They did not have the means to expand, nor did they sally forth to fight the foe. I let the swarm re-expand and invade them with an 80k fleet. The sentinels won out, but with no event or communication. Just refugees then, not guardians.

So I took matters into my own hands, sweeping the scourge aside to attack the sentinels. They could've shared the tech, after all. From the fleet I got debris that gave all fallen empire tech I could desire, outside of their worlds. Interestingly enough, the refugee fleet proved invincibile, unattackable. I didn't want to kill helpless refugees but I mean, no one said I wasn't allowed to eh?


I built an outpost in the system, nothing. Let the scourge destroy my outpost and build their own. They ignored the refugee fleet; which was clearly carrying only children from skyrim and dogmeat from fo4.

As the Sentinels clearly had nothing more to offer, I set about the task of wiping out the prethoryn. With the job complete, I get a lovely message from the Sentinel One, their leader, celebrating their defeat, announcing the dissolution of the sentinels, and the dismantling of their fleets (Plural?!). He neither expressed gratefulness for my act of single handed saving the galaxy, nor disgust at my slaughter of innocent refugees. Well, thanks for the tech dipass.

In conclusion seems like a boring event chain. I've read online sometimes they ask for money which is… neat. Would have liked to see the sentinels begrudging fight beside me, growing in power. Maybe turning against me in the end, concerned my xenophobic nation was a greater threat to the galaxy. Maybe permanently joining a more moral empire in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe fighting them could cause every other nation to turn on you. Some more possibilities would be nice.

… But great source of dark matter technology though. Damn son.

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