Envoy maximum and how to get

stellaris 1 - Envoy maximum and how to get

So you start with 2 now.

Fanatic Xenophile = +2

Civic(Diplomatic Corps) = +2

Embassy building(Society research) = +2

Stellar Assembly(megastructure) = +2

Federation President = +1

Quantum Hacking Physics Research

-Bureau of espionage edict = +1

-Covert Analysis edict = +1

Diplomacy grants edict(Diplomacy tradition adoption) = +1

The Federation Tradition choice: +1 Envoy

Shared Destiny(Ascension Perk) = +2

So at max unless I missed something a person can have 17 envoys.

How to get:


-Any Except Machine

-Slow Breeders or Non-Adaptative


-Natural Engineers


Slow breeders and Non Adaptive are for me the least problematic -2 negative traits but as long as you get a total -2 to take all the positive traits you can sub what you feel comfortable with.

Intelligent and Natural Enginers gives 25% bonus to Engineering Research from jobs and 10% to Society and Physics.

Traditional will help get your Unity up faster as we need two Ascension Perks


-Fanatic Xenophile +2 Envoys

-Materialist to have access to Research Federation for free Research Pacts


-Diplomatic Corps +2 Envoys

-Merchant Guilds for increased Unity gain


-Imperial Government for +1 Edict

You don't NEED this but it helps give you an extra Edict to use for something other than Envoys

If you choose something else it CANT be Corporate. They don't get access to Shared Destiny.

Ascension perk:

-Shared Destiny +2 Envoys

-Executive Vigor +2 Edicts


-Diplomacy first, for Diplomatic Grants Edict and rush to Federations as that choice gives +1 Envoy


-Computing Expert Scientist

-Statecraft Expert Scientist


These will give you the best chance of getting the research you need.

Start of Game:

6 Envoys

Early Game:

10-12 Envoys

If the random Tech grants you it getting Quantum Hacking and Xeno Diplomacy ASAP should be doable but I have had it take a bit

Choosing your first Ascension Perk (Shared Destiny first) happens pretty quick and you will get +1 Envoy from Federations choice and access to Diplomatic Grants

And with Imperial Government giving a +1 Edict you can activate two of the three Edicts you need

Mid Game:

15 Envoys

Setting up and leveling up a Research Federation will be your main focus for the start of the game but starting it early and letting it level to 4 before adding anyone besides the person you forced in with favors and your army of envoys will let it level pretty quickly. Level 4 may happen near the end of the Mid game but pretty confident it can be done by this point.

Xeno Relations may or may not show up right after Xeno Diplomacy. I wouldn't bank on getting it quick though which is why I estimate it showing up in the Midgame.

Finally your second Ascension perk being Executive Vigor gives you access to all three Edicts and you have one more you can use for Research Subsidies

Late Game: 17 Envoys

Research Federation over the other that give the Envoy bonus at level 1 cause you are gonna want to focus on research for MegaStructures

You are gonna need:

-Zero-Point Energy (Physics)

-Citadel (Engineering)


Before the research shows up.

Then once you got that you will need the Stellar Assembly research.

After rush build a Stellar Assembly.

Boom 17 Envoys.

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