Excerpts from the Encyclopaedia Galactica: Archon Rhea I

stellaris 7 - Excerpts from the Encyclopaedia Galactica: Archon Rhea I

Rhea I (2165 AR – 2260 AR) was Archon for the First Commonwealth. She ascended to the throne upon her father’s death in 2199 AR.

Crown Princess of the Commonwealth

The only child of Archon Dias IV, Rhea was named Crown Princess when an explosion at a power station resulted in the death of her mother who was touring its unveiling. Rhea I would rise to prominence when the Famine of 2194 AR caused widespread food shortages throughout Atlantis. With her father distracted by the interstellar space program, Rhea I was able to artfully circumnavigate the government’s cumbersome and lethargic bureaucracy to create procedures and policies that allowed for the swift deployment of aid and emergency supplies while she oversaw thescientists responsible for bringing the famine to an end.

Archon of the Commonwealth

Archon Dias IV died in in 2199 AR on the eve of the launch of the IIS Cebere. In the days that followed, Rhea I was crowned Archon. The IIS Cebere was finally launched on the first day of 2200 AR, with it's launch delayed to allow a proper period of mourning for the late Archon.

In the years that followed Rhea I had two major goals: to reform the government’s arcane bureaucracy and to colonise the stars. Rhea I saw how fragile the Commonwealth could be and how catastrophic a disaster could be with the entire Commonwealth located on a single planet. During her reign she oversaw the establishment of 10 colonies, with 6 of them becoming established worlds of the Commonwealth by the time of her death. She also introduced a number of reforms designed to make the bureaucracy of the government more efficient with the responsibilities of each of the government’s branches clearly dilneated so that the heads of the branches could be adequately held accountable. Rhea I had an excellent eye for talent and most appointments during her reign were for life.

In 2218, the IIS Cebere came across a coffin. Rhea I ordered for it to be opened and the corpse studied. Word of this would later reach the ears of the Baanthuran leaders who realised that the coffin in question was that of the first Baanthuran to ever reach space. This event would later colour all interactions with the Concordat of Baanthur for decades to come.


An expert diplomat, Rhea I was also responsible for helping establish the First Galactic Senate. During her reign the Commonwealth developed very close ties with the Kithri Commerce Guild, while it also stood firm against aggressions by the Concordat of Baanthur. Rhea I’s diplomats, under her close supervision, were also able to keep the Tezhnid Holy Polity, Saliban Confederation and Pithok Destroyers at bay. Her decisions were by no means faultless.

Despite stand-offs with several galactic powers, Rhea I instituted policies which were welcoming of other species. In 2237 an immigrant Kithri was the first non-human assigned to a government post in the entirety of the Commonwealth's history. Rhea I was of the very strong opinion that the diversity of experiences and ideas brought by immigrants of other worlds would strengthen the Commonwealth and allow it to grow further then it would on it’s own.

The reign of Archon Rhea I is seen as the golden age of expansion for the First Commonwealth, reaching it's largest size in 2242. This feat though was dwarfed by the sizes of most other civilisations of the Age. She was also responsible for the establishment of Project Lazarus which would see, both in her lifetime and in the decades ahead, the lifespan of the average Commonwealth citizen increase by decades.

Projects during Rhea I’s reign that were largely considered failures include Ebbarmacchus Remade and Project Hellfire.

Rhea I passed away peacefully in 2260 AR.

Personal Life

Archon Rhea I married Demetrios in 2203 AR. She had three children with him with their eldest child dying in 2138. She had five grandchildren and three great grandchildren at the time of her death.


Following Rhea I’s death, her body was to be sent on a parade throughout the Commonwealth so that funerals could be held on each planet where the locals could all pay their respects. However upon reaching the first world on the journey the coffin was opened to reveal the body was not inside. No-one ever found the missing body of the Archon by the collapse of the First Commonwealth.

Taken from the Complete Works of the Encyclopaedia Galactica.

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