Expanded Hive Minds for 2.2

stellaris 4 - Expanded Hive Minds for 2.2

Hi guys!

2.2 and MegaCorp have been released for nearly two weeks, and even though I now work and have been sick for a few days, I've managed to work a bit on my mod, Expanded Hive Minds!

Some of you may have played on its previous version, but for those who didn't, the goal of the mod is to greatly enhance the gameplay and flavour of Hive Minds.

The 2.2 patch greatly improved Hive Minds, which I'm very happy of since I love them, but luckily there are still some stuff left for me to mod!

Not everything from the previous version has been updated yet, as I'm rewriting nearly everything.

For now, the first big feature updated is the Infestation.

The Infestation allows you to integrate species into your Hive Mind without having to genetically alter them. This is not for free however, as every Infested pop (including your own at start!) require more housing space, and have a higher food upkeep. The leaders, if the species can produce them, are also affected, by lowering their experience gain, and increasing their cost and upkeep.


You can improve your Infestation through technology, making the drawbacks less intense, and even making your pops better in the end.

Some other flavour is already included, as a handful of civics, and the ability to choose what your unemployed Drones produce (minerals or food).

I'll try to port the lacking mechanics (mainly the Symbiosis and the Protector of the Organics) as soon as possible, but as I said I now have to work so it'll be slower than when I first launched the mod.

Hope you'll like it!

As always, if you have any bug to report, or any suggestion to make, feel free to do so below!

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