Extensive Admin Cap rework mod idea (feedback needed)

stellaris 1 - Extensive Admin Cap rework mod idea (feedback needed)

Most people agree that currently Sprawl/Admin Cap is a meme, so I decided to make a mod that can make an interesting mechanic out of it (not just some simple rebalance). From what I managed to gather, most ideas are original. I have already posted a small part of this here some time ago, but didn’t get too much response. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

1) Existing bonuses:

a. Efficient Bureaucracy/Divided Attention/Private Prospectors civics – increases Admin Cap by 20%/20%/10%. Makes most sense as the third civic.

b. Imperial Prerogative ascension perk – decreases Sprawl by 20%. This way the perk is still stronger than the civic, but has a slightly different effect – while one would take Efficient Bureaucracy when trying to stay below their Admin Cap, this perk is also efficient for huge empires ignoring sprawl, as a strong decrease to penalties. Taking it will actually feel like establishing strong rule over a huge empire.

c. Pacifist/Fanatic Pacifist ethic – +0.5/+1 admin cap increase per year. This one I’m not so sure about, but I wanted it to be different from the previous bonuses. I believe it fits into a pacifist mindset, because it’s about gradual and sustainable growth. And I don’t think 200 is too much by 2400

d. Courier Network Tradition – +5 Admin Cap per planet. Another scaling bonus, more fitting with the Expansion theme. Might be a slight loss for supertall empires, but other changes will make up for that.

e. Adopting Domination Tradition Tree – +5% Admin Cap. This tree is slightly underpowered now, and I think such a bonus fits here. This way all empires gain some basic ways for getting Admin Cap.

f. Corporate Authority – +20 Admin Cap. I don’t yet know whether corporations need a buff (tell me if they do), but nobody seems to complain.

2) New features:

a. Leaders now generate 1 Sprawl. This shouldn’t change too much, but adds an additional penalty for having too many sectors, or too many small fleets.

b. Global Bureaucracy tech – Society (New Worlds), costs 500. +10 Admin Cap. Prerequisite for Colonial Bureaucracy (unless that causes compatibility issues). Mostly added to counteract the early Sprawl from Leaders.

c. Very Organized/Organized/Disorganized/Very Disorganized species trait – costs 2/1/-1/-2 points, gives -0.1/-0.05/0.05/0.1 Sprawl per Pop. Causes leaders from this species to generate 0.25/0.5/1.5/2 Sprawl instead. For a pure empire, Very Organized may even mean gaining a little Admin Cap from colonies (assuming more than 10 Pops per district). A similar trait for Robots as well.

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d. Communications Nexus starbase Building – some standard building cost and upkeep, +5 Admin Cap.

e. Improved Organization ruler Agenda – -10% Sprawl. Weight calculated basing on the Sprawl/AdminCap ratio (I was thinking Weight=(Sprawl/AdminCap)^0.25), so it should mostly appear when useful.

f. Efficient Organizer ruler Trait – +10% Admin Cap. If traits have weights, it will have the same system as the above Agenda.

g. Trustworthy governor Trait – -10% Sprawl from the Sector.

h. Screw the System civic – Sprawl stuck at 200% Admin Cap, always. This number certainly requires a lot of balancing


i. Establish Efficient Bureaucracy Planetary Decision – (once per planet) costs 150 influence and 2000 energy, gives you permanently +15 Admin Cap and +10 Max Stability on the planet (if needed, this can be implemented by giving -10 Stability and appropriate bonuses for 10 Stability – making it slightly detrimental on unstable planets). The last method available to any empire – the influence cost is rather big, so it’s actually a sizeable sacrifice, creating some actual decisions to take. The Max Stability bonus means it can be beneficial even when you have enough Admin Cap (and some planets could benefit from increased max stability, think Fanatic Pacifist Harmonic Psionic Nobles).

j. Army of Bureaucrats civic – Allows you to build Bureaucratic Complexes and enables the Army of Bureaucrats policies, Capital Buildings replace some Administrator jobs with Bureaucrat jobs (just like Aristocratic Elite). A Bureaucratic Complex (Communications Complex) provides two Ruler (Complex Drone) jobs – Bureaucrats (Communicators) that provide 2 Admin Cap each and require 3 Consumer Goods (9 Minerals/9 Energy). The Complex has the cost and upkeep of Noble Palaces, requires Planetary Administration and Global Bureaucracy tech. These jobs are affected by the Army of Bureaucrats policy:

i. Default – no changes to buildings and jobs

ii. Servants of the People – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 1 Exotic Gasses upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 10 Amenities each.

iii. Efficient Planetary Management – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 1 Exotic Gasses upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 1 Stability each.

iv. Organized Culture – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 1 Rare Crystals upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 1 Unity each.

v. Efficient Populace Allocation – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 1 Rare Crystals upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 2% additional Housing each.

vi. Navy Management – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 1 Volatile Motes upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 4 Naval Cap each.

vii. Deep Space Communications – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 1 Volatile Motes upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 0.33 Starbase Cap each (if impossible – each Complex provides 1).

viii. Patent Offices – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 0.5 Dark Matter upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide 8 Research each.

ix. Perfect Match Officers (Optimized Breeding/Optimized Assembly) – Bureaucratic Complexes require additional 12 Food (3 Alloys if Machine Empire) upkeep, but Bureaucrats provide +2% Pop Growth Speed each.

x. Fair Employment Models – instead of 2 Bureaucrat jobs, Bureaucratic Complexes provide 8 Untrained Bureaucrat jobs (Worker) with 2 Energy and 1 Consumer Goods upkeep. An Untrained Bureaucrat provides 0.5 Admin Cap and -1 Crime (as they employ would-be criminals).

I believe the basic changes (trait, agenda, traditions, starbase building, planetary decision) will make Admin Cap a bit more scaling with your empire, if you devote a little resources to it. The other changes allow for a few different strategies of dealing with bigger Sprawl. Combining them all could lead to a really huge empire that still works efficiently.

Of course the precise numbers will need to be balanced via testing, and some names could be better. Anyway, please tell me what should be added/changed in this mod.

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