Fallen Empire Idea: Galactic Bulwark

stellaris 3 - Fallen Empire Idea: Galactic Bulwark

This fallen empire accidentally opened a gateway to another dimension at the centre of their empire, hostile entities from this dimension are trying to break through and ravage the galaxy so for millennia this fallen empire has retreated back to focus more resources on preventing the extradimensionals from attacking the galaxy.

This fallen empire could have events where they ask for resources or ships which improves relations and increases their chance to win, you can also stumble across automated ship yards and could restart them to help combat the threat in exchange for tech and maybe a unique ship.


There could be two ways this empire awakens either they with or without your help defeat the extradimensionals and become a normal awakened empire or they fail either through event or because they were destroyed by another empire this causes the extradimensionals to appear in the fallen empires home system and they become a crisis, they look similar to the Dimensional Horror Leviathan, the crisis then invades different systems and once they control it will slowly convert stars into black holes turning all habitable planets into tainted worlds where they can spawn fleets, you can defeat them by closing there portal and destroying the tainted worlds.


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