Fallen Empire idea: Impoverished Conglomerate

stellaris 7 - Fallen Empire idea: Impoverished Conglomerate

So with 2.2 on the horizon, I came up with the idea of a new Fallen Empire that would fit MegaCorp perfectly.

So this Fallen Empire is a Megacorporation that filed for bankruptcy centuries ago. Whether all of their clients died out, they invested into a Crisis that destroyed most of the galaxy or simply ran out of money trying to please both their associates and the dezinens of their Empire, this desolate Megacorporation now sits on the brink of anarchy, barely able to break-even, regardless of how small their once grand Conglomerate has become.

I'd say this Fallen Empire would be 'friendly' to some degree, as long as there is a profit in it for themselves. They won't attack anyone unprovoked, and they'll have a relation boost with a Materialist Empire, whilst having a (small) relation penalty with Corporations for being their new competition (This should be a penalty that can be overcome however, especially if they start to see the worth of an Empire later on).

I'd say there could be a few interesting interactions with this Fallen Empire, here are a few I personally thought to be quite fun;

– Once a Planet reaches a certain Treshold in Trade Value (That should be fairly high), this Fallen Empire will contact the Empire that owns this Planet, informing them that they'll be willing to invest into the Planet by building a Branch Office on its surface. This Branch Office could be a special building that utilizes some Fallen Empire-esque gimmicks. Accepting the offer will improve relations and the Fallen Empire will build the Branch Office, whilst refusing will anger them.

– When an Empire reaches the point of building a Megastructure (Unsure of what would be balanced parameters here, I just like the idea), this Fallen Empire could contact them, informing them that they could invest in the Megastructure by building a section of it for free (Science Nexus' Wings, A Partial part of the Dyson Sphere etc.), provided that once the Megastructure is finished, the Empire that owns the Megastructure will pay the Impoverished Conglomerate back the full price of the part with interest (Not sure what would be entirely balanced here, 110, 120, 150% etc.) within a set amount of years, let's say 10 for good measure. If the player is unable to pay the amount, even though they accepted the deal, this should be a trigger for the Fallen Empire to declare war on the player, for wasting their investment.

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Edit #1: Now that I read it again, players could abuse this by accepting the deal and then never finishing the Megastructure, so I propose to only have this event trigger if the player is at the final stage of building the Megastructure.

Well, that's about all, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about a Fallen Empire such as this Impoverished Conglomerate, whilst everyone here is waiting for 2.2 and MegaCorp with a lot of hype. Love to hear your thoughts!

Edit #2: I seem to have completely forgotten to put in a part about their Awakened Empire state, and I think I might've come up with something that would be appropriate. When this Fallen Empire awakens, they go from being an Impoverished Conglomerate to Debt Collectors; Rampaging the Galaxy to seize profits and return their Megacorporation to be fully operational yet again. They would ask people who accumulated enough Trade Value within their Empire, or the Empires that they have previously build a Branch Office on to join their cause as a Corporate Asset. Corporate Assets will transfer a % (50%?) of their Trade Value towards their Overlords whilst being free to do as they please, as long as they do not infringe upon the wealth of the Debt Collectors (Attacking other Corporate Assets etc.). I think this would be a good fit for the Awakened Empire variant of this idea.

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