Fanatic Authoritarian ethic is completely wrong.

stellaris 8 - Fanatic Authoritarian ethic is completely wrong.

Hello there!I will start with question: what defines our races in Stellaris most?For me, answer is very clear. Ethics. It's not so important if you play as Space Dogs or Moth-people, what matters is what they are.

I mostly agree with Paradox's vision on the "ethic circle" and bonuses we have there, but I highly disagree with the Authoritarian one.

You see, I'm from Ukraine. My parents, grandparents and overall huge part of nation were born and lived most (or huge) part of their lives in Soviet Union. And we know very well, what kind of beast it was. I thought it was obvious for other people, but seems no.

One of the most frequent traits of authoritarian countries is "Planned economy". For example, some plant is required to produce this much of stuff, according to plan. No less (because of punishment) and no more (because in future planned limit will be increased and you can't be sure you'll achieve it again).

Wanna know how it works? Well, it doesn't.

My friend's granddad was combine operator.How do you control the amount of work done by a combine operator normally? You check how much he harvested. The more he gathered – more profit his farm and he himself has.How was it controlled in USSR? Government "knows", how much fuel was spent by harvesting in last years. So they had for him, for example, 100 tons of fuel for summer season.

In some magical world where all people are perfectly honest, he would expend this 100 tons by working. But there's no reason to do that when he could work as little as he could get away with and sell off the rest.

This is just one anecdote. There were thousands of ways to use Planned-economy for your own good which people, of course, did. Because why not, if your salary will not change (just don't get caught)?.. People just don't need to work better or more! They aren't incentivised.

Planned economy in a nutshell is stupidity and counter-productivity. It's one of the main reasons why Soviet Union collapsed. It's the main reason why all socialistic counties have such poverty, from USSR to North Korea (except China, because China doesn't have it since 1978).


And now we come to the strategic game from the company famous by its historical masterpieces, and see this:

m11v7u60mcg21 - Fanatic Authoritarian ethic is completely wrong.

Worker output my ass

What?! No! No.It's just as wrong as it can be. It's literally the same as calling black "white". Their (our) economy because of this system was so bad and unproductive, that country literally could not exist anymore in this state! I understand Paradox cannot make "Fanatic Authoritarian: Worker Output -10%", which would be true. Fine.

What would I do to show "good" sides of Authoritarian ethic? In "Traits" we have "Communal: Pop housing usage -10%". That's nice. In the USSR people had very restricted life-space and were used to living like this. Then we have "Conservationist: Pop consumer goods upkeep – 10%". People also used to live with deficit of all kinds of goods, including toilet paper. And survived somehow. It's very useful.

Also I'd add some grade of "Adaptive: +% habitability". People who have gone through this system definitely have some survival skills, like an old man, friend of my family, who was condemned to 25-years in prison and worked in mines in Kazakhstan.

Summing up, perfect set of "skills" for Authoritarian ethic, represented as well as I can describe, would be smth like this:

j85lyi60ucg21 - Fanatic Authoritarian ethic is completely wrong.

-20% Amenities from jobs because I needed trait pool and because not much joy in living there either

These should be in the Authoritarian ethic, not only in traits! It's its foundation.

P.S.: somebody can say "you just hate USSR" or "go love yourself with all this politics". It's not about "politics". It's about an ethic system, which existed and exists on Earth still, which was observed and studied so much. This needs to be known, because of its fabulous pros and cons.

+10 Worker output… Paradox, please, have mercy.

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