Fanatic Purifier Game Journal #1

stellaris 6 - Fanatic Purifier Game Journal #1

Starting Species

Started a new game with the Ultharian Purification Crusaders, fanatic purifiers; our starting civics are Fanatic Purifiers and Death World from a mod, starts off on a terrible home planet but gives our species +10% habitability and +20% to minerals and agriculture resource production. Ethics are Fanatic Xenophobe and Militarist; we are Imperial and our species has Ingenious, Strong, Enduring, Sedentary, and Decadent. My plan is to only make a few core planets and send all xenos scum to Xenos Processing to work to death in our mines, focus on Energy production and specialists on the main worlds primarily alloy production and research. Major mods I am using are Gigastructures, Living Space, STREGA ship types, Ancient Cache of Technologies, and more Fallen Empire types. Living Space I use mainly because I can build habitats on Barren and Molten worlds early on after I get the tech. I set habitable planets to .25 and have a Mod to reduce that further and no guaranteed worlds; also Technology research is at 1.25 I believe, I like minimal worlds makes them more valuable.

I chose a small galaxy with about six to eight empires, I have a Marauder to my galactic south west between me and the neighboring empire and what used to be to the North East was the Chinoor Combine but they are now being worked to death on Xenos Processing after my first successful war. I am tempted to allow the Khan to spawn so we can get an empire to crush and process, but I may also just alpha strike them if I feel I have the forces. My current plan is to take out my Northern neighbors and then reinforce my borders and prepare for a possible Great Khan, while also conquering my western neighbor to feed Xenos Processing.

The Current Empire

The First War of Cleansing the Machine


These are the words of Senior Executioner Kesh, honored and dutiful progeny of High Executioner Rhoa na-Tukan, long may she reign. I commit these words to the sacred digital texts as we depart our home system to cleanse the Machine and free this simulation of corruption, in so doing we shall break the prison and free our people, as written in the sacred words of our ancestors. I have been assigned to the 1st Expeditionary Fleet to learn how to better lead our fleets, not my decision but one that should prove useful when my time comes. It did not take long for our fleets to meet so-called intelligent xenos, a debased empire of simulations calling themselves the Chinoor Empire.

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Wretched beasts, we marshalled our forces and our fleets breached their borders easily, they fought with surprising tenacity but our advance was constant, at the start of the campaign we had two fleets and a third in construction, by the time our people conquered their wretched capital and repurposed it into the Xenos Processing Hub we had four full fleets ready to cleanse the machine.

We are thorough, I personally oversaw the invasion of two primitive xenos worlds, best to dispose of them now before they further corrupt the simulation. Billions of xenos will toil and provide us much needed resources to cleanse the Machine, they will not thank us for they are short sighted but this is a mercy compared to existence in this prison.

Our forces now marshal towards our loathsome neighbor to the galactic north, a new campaign is imminent. We only await the word of our High Executioner, they will resist but they will fall and they will be processed for the greater good.

Senior Executioner Kesh na-Takuan, 9th month of the year 2050 of the true calendar.

The Fleets near the new Border

Current Galactic Map

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