Fanatical Purifier — Can I surrender to an Awakened Empire?

stellaris 2 - Fanatical Purifier -- Can I surrender to an Awakened Empire?

I'm playing my third game of Stellaris.

On this playthrough, I decided to try the Fanatical Purifier civic and go for the 'Suffer Not The Alien' achievement where I wipe out all other life in the galaxy.

For some reason, I also decided to max out the number of Marauder and Fallen Empires allowed in my game (which at default galaxy size is three each, I think?).

I did this because in both of my previous playthroughs, there was no "midgame crisis". No unification of the Marauders. No "War in Heaven".

Just a bunch of nothingness until the endgame crisis… Which for me has been Praethoryn Scourge both times before. So I am hoping for something different this time.

Anyway… I was getting a little bit bored in my playthrough. I secured an early lead by eating my direct neighbor very early in the game. My original plan was to just declare war and take some of his stuff, then force a status quo so I can continue building undisturbed for 10 years… Because that empire had been growling at me for some time.

But I ended up just wiping him out entirely.

And it kind of just snowballed from there. None of the other empires really presented any challenge to me, I was just taking them out one after another.

~2400 rolls along and I control 75% of the galaxy. I enter a war with a federation of two empires all the way at the northernmost section of the galaxy and am in the process of dividing my fleets into two forces to try to cover all of my borders with them.

Then the Fallen Empire all the way on the south end of the galaxy awakens.

And they declare war on me almost immediately.

I have to abandon my battles in the north and move my fleets down south to stop the Awakened Empire from eating too much of my space.

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I finally make it down and am able to create a choke point near their space. I destroyed several of their smaller fleets that flew towards me. I could see no other fleets within my sensor range.


So I decided to move in to try to knock out their citadel… Which I succeed in doing.

But before I could do anything else, they sent in two very large fleets which proceeds to completely melt all of my forces in the system.

I'd never seen my War Exhaustion go up so fast. But luckily, I'd apparently done enough damage to them that they were willing to accept a status quo end to the war.

There was enough debris in the area that I was able to master a number of their tech upgrades.

I rebuilt my fleets (starting with corvettes to retake space from the federation to the north). They were bigger and stronger and had Dark Matter technology.

And it seemed like the very second the ceasefire ended, the Awakened Empire declared war on me again.

This time, I was "ready". My fleets were already parked next to their space.

They sent two of their large size fleets at me… And I melted again.

This time though, they did not suffer much damage. I was way too far behind to request a status quo.

I must have built my fleets wrong or something.

That's where I left off last night. Been thinking about it a lot at work.

Am I able to just surrender to 'em and become a vassal or whatever? Will I still be able to finish my 'Fanatical Purifier' game if I build up strong enough to destroy the awakened empire?

I'm pretty sure if I surrendered to any other empire, their war goal of 'end threat' would have just taken all of my systems and I'd completely lose the game.

I don't think the Awakened Empire had that same war goal.

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