Favorite unique game settings?

stellaris 6 - Favorite unique game settings?

I just got done with a fun run. Large galaxy, hardest difficulty, 5 X crisis, mid game start date 2300, end game start date 2700.

Started as fanatic spiritualist/militarist, psionically ascended and went the God-Emperor route. Played as tall as possible, mostly staying under the sector limit thanks to Fen Habbanis. As soon as I was able to secure the L-Cluster I reformed the government from aristocratic elite to Feudal and made vassals out of my old empire as I ruled from the L-Cluster. Both from an RP stand point and a game play stand point it was one of my favorite playthroughs. From an RP standpoint, I was a god ruling from afar with several other kingdoms that also worshipped me. I saw all (sentry array), was all powerful (strongest fleets) and could strike almost anywhere using the L-Gates. I could make gaia worlds, planet cities and build galactic wonders and I built them all in my little paradise. From a gameplay stand point it was a lot of fun because the AI wasnt terrible. I actually had help against the contingency from my vassals. Because I had built up a lot of their planets they had 150-200K fleets. Between the vassals, the awoken empire and Ketlings the galaxy wasnt completely pathetic, though they were compared to me.


And before anyone asks, yes the game was running very slowly towards the end but it was worth toughing it out IMO.

DAE have any other fun game settings that they like to use? Either in conjunction with a style of playtrough or just in general?

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