Federations : looking for players

stellaris 3 - Federations : looking for players

I would like to do a stellaris run-through in multiplayer.


all DLCs as of 17 of mars 2020 (that means with federations, that's 13 DLCs total)


I'm in Europe so we're operating on a UTC+01:00 schedule. Starting from 9 in the morning, pause for a midday meal from 12'oclock to 13'oclock (14 if need be) and on until 23'oclock.

Availabilities will be sorted beforehand via Discord.

I'm on vacation on top of the coronavirus quarantine so I can start as soon as federations hits and will be doing this maybe for 5 days. maybe more depending on how long this run takes to complete.


my settings

a medium size galaxy (yes large would be nice but while I can vouch for my own pc's performance I don't wanna gamble that other's PC will be up to par).

the biggest three changes are I lowered the density of hyperlanes (though not as low as what I usually play at) and I slightly increased the multiplier on abandoned gateways and wormhole pairs.

this makes for increased value in systems that have a wormhole and also a little those that have a abandoned gateway for an investment in the later stages of the game. these become strategic points and may change hands often.

Also more strategy is involved with conquest because of the reduced hyperlane options. overall it gives you more control over walling off your empire with the caveat that you also have to wall off wormholes.

third big change is a slight reduction of tech and tradition cost. this one I'm not adamant about I just find it gives you more to do as time passes and also gives you more species flexibility in doing different things the reduction from 1x to 0.75x is definitely quite big and noticeable but I don't find it's so big a change as to be OP. Again it's up for a change if you really want it to be 1x.

then there's the more minor changes : I disabled AI advanced starts. Lathland really dislikes this setting, I and I can't say I disagree. plus we're not here for the AIs we're here to play against one another (or with! Alliances are accepted and even encouraged!).


I also disabled guaranteed habitable worlds. luck be with or against me/you that's the game. I also like the slower more single-planet centric starts.

I disabled caravaneers. I think they're a waste of a perfectly good systems where marauders and fallen empires know to make themselves useful in some way. plus I find them incredibly spammy and as I've said we've got matters to attend to with each other not necessarily with AI all the time.

I left the ai number at default which should leave us fighting for room plenty (I'll lower it depending on the number of human players) and I augmented the Primitive Civilizations to x3 which allows us to have plenty of things to do with them, uplift, integrate, subjugate, devour, study.


Last subject is mods. I'm really tempted to go with 0 mods to avoid any and all desync and unjoinable games issues.

there are however several mods I would like everyone to agree upon. (If finally we do agree on playing with mods we will have to keep the list short (under 10) so as to again decrease desync and unjoinable issues and make manual mod load order relatively doable)

Here are those that I most recommend in order :

  1. Stronger Defense Platforms
  2. Fallen Empire Megastructures
  3. Build Multiple Megastructures at Once
  4. Real space 3.4
  5. Downscale ships
  6. Precursor Story Pack
  7. Ethics and Civics Alternative

I was going from a list of 33 favorite mods of mine so believe me it hurts to have to pick and choose this frugally.

But I really want this to run and that remains priority number one so until further notice this multiplayer session I'm organizing is without mods.


I aiming for 6 players grand maximum and 3-4 would be ideal. This is my first time trying out multiplayer other than with my little brother.


Discord will be encouraged but not mandatory. (I will not defer to another voice chat app however)

Streaming and recording will be allowed although I will not.

Please comment suggestions, preferences and whether or not you would like to participate below.

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