Feudal society could use a bit of a rework. Here are my thoughts.

stellaris 2 - Feudal society could use a bit of a rework. Here are my thoughts.

Been trying out a fanatic authoritarian militarist feudal society. Its ok so far (going into midgame) but I think it could be improved. Something that's really good now with the civic is you can split expansion areas off into vassals and it keeps your admin cap down. It may even be that as a civic it's just subpar and should really be a separate government authority.

1- Vassals should operate diplomatically independently. Even declaring war on neighbors and other vassals.

2- There should be automatic sharing of technology to vassals with the civic. Before this was the finisher effect on the domination tree. Now it seems gone entirely. For feudal society, if there's no tech sharing your vassals tend to be weak and useless which makes the civic kind of suck. To be frank i'd be fine with it being one way, your vassals get your tech.

3- There needs to be a special casus belli provided with the civic or offered as an ascension perk that lets you declare war on neighbors to turn them into feudal vassals (with the same ideology). it can even work like liberate, where if its a status quo peace then it creates a new vassal with the planets/systems. this kind of special cb synergies well with a civic that has lots of vassals.


4- Development priorities for certain vassals. So like your vassals could specialize and you tell them what to do (almost like a sector). Like you could tell them to expand to certain systems maybe, up to some fraction of their admin cap. Or you could tell them to focus on building certain fleet types (lots of kinetic weapons for example). In my mind these priorities would be territorial and military as that is what feudalism was all about, military+territorial priorities.

5- More feudal authority vassals should improve the starting skill level of your heir. Just a thought to represent having better royal marriages

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6- Any vassal that become sufficiently powerful and doesn't like you should be able to start a way for the throne. Taking over as head of the empire, while you become their vassal.

lastly- Vassals should receive names that are appropriate, like county, duchy, etc.

Let me known what you guys think and if you have any suggestions.

Edit1: You know the more I think on it the more it seems like this could be part of an update to improve diplomacy overall, vassals, federations, etc.

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