Finally had it with 2.2.x, downgraded back to 2.1.3

stellaris 5 - Finally had it with 2.2.x, downgraded back to 2.1.3

Basically what the title says. I really like how the changes introduced in 2.2 made planets feel big, and made ring worlds/ecumenopoli feel huge. I really liked how I could pack pops into planets and grow tall. However, I’ve had two nagging/recurring problems. The first is that the micro never stops. In 2.1, once the planet was filled, that was it. You could focus on new planets or on war or whatever. But now, I find I’m constantly going between my worlds making sure everything is fine.

Managing planets is getting in the way of my galactic conquest not only because I’m too busy to go to war (as mentioned above), but for the second reason: the overwhelming dread of picking up the pieces of the AI player’s economy, and optimizing those worlds too. In my most recent playthrough, I decided to be a feudal empire for the change, and I was constantly sucking wind, trying to stay apace my neighbors, grabbing chokepoints, maxing my fleet, and researching tech.

I check on a vassal that I released, thinking it might gobble up some territory for me and take some of the initial pain away in starting some new colonies and building mines and research stations. The vassal has done fuck all, and has about 22 pops on one planet. I reabsorb them to set shit straight.


After another war, I liberate a good 2/3 of my enemy, and release them as a vassal to keep my expansion penalty down. After almost 30 years, not one of their planets has gained a single pop, and all their planets have between 3-22 population (22 capital, 3-5 on the others). This is even after sending them almost 60k in minerals, energy and food each, and their fleet is at >900.

I’ve noticed is that NPC empires planets are stuck at constantly low population levels. Here I am struggling to get fleets maxed out while expanding my borders, and these NPC empires have fleets many times my size, yet their planets are largely empty. It makes no sense.

I’ve been using Glavius’ AI megamod (can’t say enough good things about it), yet NPC empires are still weak, and vassals pathetic; however, they seem to be light years ahead of games without it. Glavius’ AI megamod tends to make the game stutter quite a bit, and I haven’t made it to the end game, let alone the mid game since 2.2 released, due to the slowdown. Both with and without Glavius’ mod.

I really wanted to like 2.2.x, but it looks like I’ll have to stick with 2.1.3.

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