First day playing, an adventure in angry neighbours.

stellaris 1 - First day playing, an adventure in angry neighbours.

Hey folks, so I've Finally gotten around to getting my first real campaign on the go (after starting a random campaign to play a little with the UI).

things have started out… ok I think? my little pocket of space included some fun little features. my first colony of alpha centauri has a nice little relationship with some subterranean bug/lizards with whom I'm trading stuff for alloys. I've made some neat little progression with robotics and have found the backed up brains of a whole species which I figure might lead to a potential chance of resurrection. my space is full of relics of the Yuht, who appear to be 100m long sleep-spacers.

all round, exploration was really neat!

then I've met my neighbours.

so I'm currently playing as the default human not-the federation faction as I try to get to grip with the game and sadly, by some poor luck, it seems I spawned in the wrong neighbourhood.

1st race encountered – hegemonic imperialist Avians who've spent a lot of their time talking shit, declaring me their rival and claiming my systems. borders have been mutually closed and my 1st fleet is positioned at a starbase nearby to keep an eye on them. a splinter faction of these guys turned into democratic crusaders and actually joined up with me, giving me a planet and system which has proved an excellent source of Energy and minerals. it is now full of defence platforms inscribed "yoink".

2nd race encountered – Fanatic purifying edgybois. conflict has been minimal beyond having a science ship attacked. the border against them has been secured by the 2nd fleet (including a fancy super frigate my engineers managed to recover). they expanded a hate noodle of systems towards me after initial contact and have kind of kept away since a rather angry space station was erected in their direction.


3rd race: an empire of honourable warrior slugs. on the far side of the imperialists they promptly told me to leave them alone. we've actually been getting on fine as a consequence of being nowhere near eachother and having the angry birdboys shouting at us respectively.

4th race – totalitarian erudite explorers. possibly the only race I'm… mostly getting along with? these guys are next to the edgybois and have recently been at war with them (where they managed to cut the hate noodle in half in their initial attacks before the edgybois took some other systems.). currently they're rebuilding their fleets after taking a bit of a kicking and losing access to an L gate.

so all told? I'm having a lot of fun trying to be as friendly as possible to my various angry neighbours.

the totalitarian explorer dudes seem to be my most likely option for an ally against the edgyboi purifiers and have had some success fighting them, my current intention is to guarantee their independence for the next time they end up fighting the angry armada.

what I'm having a little trouble with is getting to grips with diplomacy. it seems most factions are pathologically unwilling to consider trading any materials with an instant -1000 modifier to any offers, regardless of how generous I'm being in return. I suspect this might be due to the early nature of the game more than anything else.

9 edgybois out of 10 Honourslugs

all told, if people would have some advice on how they would handle this situation I'd be most appreciative. kind of feel like I'm waiting for tech and research atm rather than having much room to move forwards. I've got a rather sweet mineral income so I'm deploying mining and research stations with wild abandon for now.

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