First match of any 4X/GrandStrategy ever – reflections and questions how it went…

stellaris 7 - First match of any 4X/GrandStrategy ever - reflections and questions how it went...

34 yo and don't know what I've been doing until now – never even played Civ.

I bought the Starter Pack with some DLC and played my first match that took me 30 hours, I loved it. I played as the Commonwealth of Man without changing anything (1. does it come with an Origin or do I need to create my own Empire/race/whatever to use Origins?) and default match settings.

I wanna start my next match now but have some reflections and questions:

What I could notice the DLC added was:

– Threw my first 3 fleets against the Dreadnought for a waste.
– Other then the Dreadnought, just some cool monsters flying around I can kill for Relics?

– There was some clans joining under a Khan, they tried to conquer but finally the Khan died by a sickness… I never encountered the Khans forces.
– I could build a Colossus and use CB Total War which was just what I wanted (War exhaustion… even Enemies at 100% they had -2500 for Victory conditions which forced Status quo). The negative side with Total War was that I got A LOT of planets and things to manage which took a toll on my resources before I could turn it around.
– Titans was a thing here as well? They felt so "normal" though.

– Outpost for primitive civilization I later used as livestock, *nom nom*
– Science Nexus – just some research buff…

2. Is my understanding of the DLC correct?

I don’t own Federations, 3. what is am I missing out that is just in the DLC? As I got invited to an Federation late game by another nation, and then I lost the ability to gain control of area directly when going to war even If I started it with CB Total War….


The End Game crisis was a swarm of something “invading” and one of the Fallen Empire woke up and became “Guardians”…. I never saw a single of the “invading” force and at year 2536 or something the game ended with the Guardians killing the last invader, I came at 3rd place behind the Awakened Empire as #1 and the Fallen Empire as #2.

4. What should I’ve done to win, kill the Guardian Empire as well or just try and out tech them and be the one that actually went down and killed the invaders? The borders was closed of for me and tried to war my way through a few times before I had the Total War, but the War Exhaustion was not in my favor so couldn't claim anything.

I also know a lot of things I could improve, it wasn't until mid/late I understood how the trade routes worked which really increased my energy intake and in the late game I was capping minerals/food/consumer goods and alloys at 50-60k and energy was at 80k I think so I was just reinforcing my fleets and going well above my cap.

Mid game I had a lot of issues with A LOT of unemployed robots, sometimes up to 20-30 on several planets. 5. What should've I've done here? Maybe send all to another planet, create own Sector and vassiles it? 😛

6. So for my next game, any tips? I'm thinking of going vanilla Earth and trying to be more diplomatic and getting Defensive Pacts (I was going 1 vs 3 a lot before I joined the Federation) and aim to start my own Federation, take hold of it with strength and force them to build fleets for me and mid/late game just go in for the kill on the Fallen Empires and hope to handle the end-game crisis with my Federation?

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