First Time Doing a Human Run, adding a Story.

stellaris 4 - First Time Doing a Human Run, adding a Story.

Believe it or not this is the first time I am actually playing as just normal humans. Hundreds of hours, dozens of Empires. None human. Last game I used the human portrait. Now, it is time to play as actual humans of Earth. And I am going for super storied run. As you can tell I use a bunch of mods. I plan to update this post as the run goes on.

The Story: The Star Fortune Alliance is not a nation, nor is it a form of United Nations, it is simply a multi-national space exploration/exploitation/colonisation/defence effort. Its origins go all the way back to 2096. As the population of the Earth rose, healthcare around the globe improved and education became more widespread, and as national borders became weaker, issues arose. Food and housing shortages became nightmarish, which only fueled extremist fervour in xenophobes and xenophiles alike. First came the revolutions as these extremists rose up in different countries, and then came the wars as new fledging nations turned on one another.

For decades the wars and revolutions raged. 2136, in a small town in the very northern edges of Scotland a young woman, still a girl in many respects, started to make her voice heard. Bethany Angus, not yet 18 and she had never known peace. It is unknown why out of all the voices hers was the one people began to listen to. Many viewed her as a saint or even a god. She started a wave of peace known as Humanity's Fortune, first the Scottish people joined her. The English Radicals had no choice but to step down as the population of Britain rallied behind her. The military dictatorship of France signed itself over as her protectorate, and one by one nations peacefully surrendered in the face of her crusade that had not taken one life.

An act quite unprecedented in history. Many viewed it as a work of god, most religions proclaimed her as nothing less than a saint, but even the Vatican proclaimed her a new Messiah. In her own records, safely kept hidden away in a vault located in the mountains of Tibet, it is written "…I did nothing, it was not divine will or sentiment, but the will of the people that brought the end to the bloodshed. The people tired of war, they just needed a person to get behind…"

2136, as Bethany's health declined due to hereditary illness, the last nation on Earth, a small self proclaimed nation in Australia, signed over its sovereignty to Humanity's Fortune. Two months later she died. From her hospital bed she spoke her last words to the people of Earth on live broadcasts. "I am so proud of what you have all done. I never thought I would live to see this day. An end to war and bloodshed." There is not a living human since that day who has not seen that message at least once.


During her reign prosperity had come. Thousands of grand housing complexes were built, each capable of housing millions of residents in a high standard of living. Laboratories could produce food for the world's population a thousand times over and no one needed go hungry and live on the streets. Crime had dropped to such low levels that even pickpocketing could reach world news. But with her death those days vanished. All that is left is an epic statue of her built on the ground where her home town once stood, and engraved with her last words. Something she would have never approved of in life.

Crime and greed returned. Administration zones slowly drifted to becoming separate nations and people began to look inward once again. The Humanity's Fortune was dissolved as a nation and the weak organisation that came next swapped names with the building that acted as its capital, "The People's Assembly." Many of the grand housing complexes were bulldozed or fell into disrepair. Decades passed and population became a worry once more and people looked to space for an answer.

2188, the hyperlane network was discovered by chance. A construction drone belonging to Felsaw Industries malfunctioned and blew its core at the edge of the solar-system, resulting in unusual energy readings. 2191, the first Hyperdrive was invented. As unmanned tests took place, the nations of Earth came together once more.

The terraforming of Mars was a long way off and there was no convention for extra-solar land claims. To avoid further wars and conflict, and to make sure the future of humanity was well funded and secure the nations of Earth agreed on a joint venture. A neutral organisation was formed, the Human Star Fortune Alliance, a name taken from the mythical life of Saint Bethany.

The Star Fortune Alliance was to direct all human extra-solar activities, funded and fuelled by the nation states. Each nation was also to agree to take relinquish their orbital and space faring military equipment as a sign of trust between all involved, but also to give the S.F.A. a head start and a means to secure Earth in case there was hostile alien life forms.

The nations this affected most "outfitted and updated" their old military space equipment for "civilian and administrative purposes" and so much time and resources were spent on such silly endeavours that building schedules for the S.F.A. fell severely behind. By 2200, when the first manned extra-solar expedition was meant to take place, instead of three science vessels, three construction vessels, three colony ships, and twenty weaponised vessels, there were one of each civilian vessel, and only three weaponised vessels. Plans for weaponised multifunction vessels were scrapped. But still, the first manned space flight to another star system was ready to take place. The science vessal H.F.V. Bethany.

The Star Fortune Alliance has three wings.

The Research, Development and Exploration Group known as the RED Wing, headed by Science Director Wilson Peters.

The mostly privatised Construction and Colonisation Group, known as the Human Unions of Workers Organisation. This is run by Director Sophia Kengo.

The Military and Defence Group, known simply as the S.F.A. Military Wing, headed by Director Alex Rei.

The Presiding Director as of 2200, who is elected from the board of directors is Avani Moorthi.

Let us march on, for the future of all humanity.

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