First time getting War in Heaven

stellaris 6 - First time getting War in Heaven

So I'm in my 3rd campaign, after abandoning the first two because I couldn't figure out how to not crash my economy and turn into space Venezuela. Well eventually I figured out the issue was I kept overbuilding – who knew people preferred to be artists and office workers rather than miners and farmers?

So I'm in my 3rd full campaign, playing as the UNE. It's my first time getting past 2400 and I'm building my first megastructure near my border. I've the most powerful economy, and only the FEs have a more powerful military. I've already purged one Fanatic Purger, built a colossal, have 2 fleets led by titans and a third major fleet. I killed the khan in a border skirmish and they reorganised under a new ruler.

War in Heaven starts. I decide to join the League of Non-Aligned Worlds (should have called my empire the Earth Alliance – will do it next time).

For some reason somebody gives me a shitload of ships in many fleets on the other side of the galaxy which causes my net energy production to go into the red to the tube if -1K per month (fortunately I have 100K in reserve). I consolidate those ships into a single 50K stack and upgrade them, then send them towards the nearest hostile vassals.

Near my megastructure, I have one 38K titan-led fleet (2nd Fleet) moving to finish off the Khanate, who have sided not with the nearby FE but with one in the other side of the galaxy. I move my other 38K titan-led fleet (1st Fleet) to reinforce there and guard the megastructure.

The third 30K fleet (3rd Fleet), which was stationed near Sol, moves to secure another border with a second vassal of an FE. Sol starts building another fleet (7th Fleet) built around a battleship core. Since I can't beat em via tech, gotta beat em with numbers and I got a mega economy.

In order to correct my energy deficit I start redesignating districts from housing to energy production (homelessness might be better than dead) and decommission some old, unupgraded stations to get back under the station cap

Then, disaster strikes. The nearest FE sends a 120K fleet and gets between 2nd and 1st fleets. There is a significant risk that the FE will be able to defeat my fleets in detail. I scramble 2nd fleet and try to keep 1 system between them and the FE empire. Eventually, after the FE gives up on chasing 2nd fleet, I am able to link up 2nd with 1st fleet.


I then have both fleets move to retake systems that the FE conquered, including a planet recently took from a fanatic purifier.

Then, not one but three FE fleets totaling 500k fleet power descend on my force. I almost wet myself then pull both fleets back to my megastructure system, which also has a citadel with debuff modules installed. Additionally a small allied 10K fleet arrives as reinforcement. The citadel is pumping out corvettes as well.

Even with these, there is no way I can stop a 500k FE fleet. I can only hope to cause some casualties before they break through my defences. Fortunately, this is still a relatively undeveloped part of my empire and I ought to be able to trade space for time to rebuild and continue the fight.

I watch these 3 FE fleets coming at me, when I miracle occurs – the hostiles make the same mistake I made in my first war with a neighbouring purifier: they split their overwhelmingly strong fleets and pursue separate objectives before defeating the opposing main force. Instead of a 500K armada bearing down on my fleets, it is but a single 120K force. In terms of fleet power, the odds are just about even.

Battle is joined. The station debuffs and both titans make their presence felt. I watch the fight at the slowest speed. It is both a beautiful and horrifying scene with my ships bursting apart.

After what seems like an age, a hostile ship explodes. Then another. And another. They are killing 3 or 4 of my ships for every one they lose. But they aren't able to win fast enough. My weight of numbers are beginning to tell. Eventually the FE fleet is only trading loss for loss, and in a fight like this that means I'm winning.

At last, the final FE ship explodes. Victory. Of two 2 Earth fleets and the allied fleet that opened the fight, only half are left. One of my two titans is gone. But the forces of Earth have prevailed.

The survivors of the Battle of Voor are repairing their vessels at the citadel. 7th fleet has been despatched from Sol. A new titan is being built, along with battleships, cruisers and destroyers innumerable.

Earth's economy is being put on a war footing. The refocus in energy production is beginning to bear fruit. The war will continue.

So far it's really fucking fun.

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