First Victory

stellaris 8 - First Victory

Recently achieved my first victory in stellaris. Tried my hand at a genocidal machine empire. Turns out that makes the game easy. It was nice not having to worry about trade relations, leaders dying every 10min, population being unhappy and instead just focus on amassing technology and navel power.

When I finally went to war the first time, finding out that I didn't have to claim systems was a boon. But purging a population was kinda annoying especially when you conquer 10 planets around the same time " a building has been destroyed" every 10 seconds I swear. While it was handy having 50 worlds bringing shit loads of resources I regret not just bathing more of them with the world killer and recolonising them or ignoring them.

The 1st fallen empire I wared with, it was actually a defensive war. They knew better, I was a threat to the galaxy, that or they didn't like me being in a system near them. So they threw their 200k navy at my 150k navy and more or less lost because they were spread too far and I was clumped at a choke point and managed to take their big boys down before back up arrived. I managed to sue for peace because I was not prepared for that and had to quickly lick my wounds and rebuild before I could assault their systems with the 80k bases.

My fleet was only moderately damaged, so rebuilding didn't take too long and before I knew it, I was beyond full strength. The systems which were invaded, I had fortified to fuck just incase those fallen bastards tried anything before I was ready again, which they did…

As soon as they were able to, the fallen waged war again. I hadn't been paying attention to them, so I didn't know what state they were in and I was assuming they'd built something to rival what they had before… Nope, they had a single fleet of 9k that got wiped out by one of my citadels… Started bombarding their planets finally but couldn't throw my armies in because their ground forces on each planet were at 9k and my army was 3k…so bombardment it was then. Before I could complete my annihilation of the avian ancients, they sued for peace and admitted defeat. They cheeky shits.

Not being able to take over their systems in time, I was annoyed with this road block but hey, at least the next time they wage war I'll overwhelm them pretty quickly.

I continue amassing more fleet and army power too. By the time I can wage war against them again, I have 3 fleets of 120k sitting at their boarder (with plenty more floating around my system). Before I wage war against them, tensions rise dramatically with another neighbouring empire that is part of a federation that spans about half the galaxy (I am a third of the galaxy currently)


War breaks out with the federation and all of a sudden my system is flooded with federation forces coming through wormholes and gate ways. I loose a few systems but am able to reclaim them without too much trouble. I plug the wormholes and gateways with 120k fleets and bottleneck the invaders while an elite strike force is tasked with eradicating the filthy organics, hunting them down in their own backyard, bathing their homeworlds with the Colossus for good measure.

I had decimated them but a good third of their forces still remained, trapped behind the fallen avian empire. Their time had finally come. I was determined to make the federation pay for their transgressions ( how dare they be organics) and the fallen were simply in the way. This time I was ready, had my army at 14k waiting to invade after a good bombardment. The fallen empire fell within matter of months and that was just travel time basically. They left existence, simply because they were in the way. I mean they would have left eventually anyway because they were organic, but hey.

The eradication of the federation continued on the other side of the fallen empires boarder. Nothing unexpected happened here, they fought, they fell, they were purged. All that was left now were a couple of random small system groups that managed to stay out of the way, (turns out they were pacifists, not that mattered), the other fallen empire and the caravans and enclaves about.

Set a single fleet to rid my new empire of not just the caravanmen, but the caravanwomen and caravanchildren too. Another couple of fleets for the remaining systems. Used a couple of smaller armies on the pacifists just to make it go quicker. Now the last one standing, the other fallen empire. This one was no joke, it had 6 systems, 3 of which I couldn't see into but their main system had 4 90-120k fleets and a station at 84k, so I surrounded them with a good portion of my navy. 10 fleets at 160k+ I threw 5 into the capital and the other five explored their other systems. They managed to break out and even destroyed a fleet in a boarding system but that didn't last. They were all rounded up and put down. Their planets were either bombarded to oblivion and invaded or just simply bathed in genocide rays. And that was that, I have been told I have achieved victory at the year 2500. Didn't even get to deal with the end game crisis. Went into the neighbouring pocket galaxy where the mid game race was trapped and removed them for good measure too.

At the end of it all, my machine empire is complete, at peace and completely pointless.

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