Fun little exploit that makes genocidal playthroughs fun and possible

stellaris 6 - Fun little exploit that makes genocidal playthroughs fun and possible

So what I'm about to tell you is a fun little, and obvious, exploit you can use in your game when playing a species that purge other species.

(So some background info)

When I started playing my IP empire, and somehow got my hands on some fallen empire xenos, I was under the impression that when I was purging the filthy xeno pops from my planets, they were all being purged all at once. So me being me, I just slapped all 200 or so of those pops onto one planet expecting them to be gone in like 10 or so years, like they usually did before 2.2. However I wasn't just exterminating them, I was putting them through forced labour to get some food and minerals put of them.

So I just left them there on that one planet and went on my merry way building up my empire in anticipation for a crisis to occur soon, only to have the other two remaining FE's awaken and start the war in Heaven.

I chose the non aligned league becuase the option text for it sounded really cool and began to steam roll the two empires and the rest of the galaxy who sided with them.

Fast forward a a few tears later, I've gone from holding 1/5 of the galaxy to 1/3.

"But what about the pops?"

I stuffed them all onto that one tiny planet with the first 200 xenos

So by the end of the war, I had around 3000 pops that weren't my species being put through forced labour on one planet. (The planet never revolted on me for some reason.)

Now this is when I realised a few things

A) my game was lagging REAL HARD B) I'm getting 10k minerals and food a month and I haven't built any extra buildings or districts since the war started C) my pop count is at 4-5 k

And then it hit me.

That when you purge pops, it kills ONE pop AT A TIME



At the same time ALL the purging pops under forced labour were ALL PRODUCING FOOD AND MINERALS. So I did the math and I had well over a few centuries of those pops to provide me with food and minerals . And I was thinking

This is kinda op

Because all you need to do as a purging species, a hive mind, or machine empire, is set your purge to one that produces resources, slap everyone into one planet, or two, and just keep gathering pops to fuel your economy BY PURGING THEM FOR RESOURCES

So having trouble with your economy as a devouring swarm or fanatic purifiers? Just grab some xenos and put them into place and bam

Infinite resources for free

At the cost of your CPU though, but who cares about that

I also checked to make sure the "exploit" worked in 2.2.4 as a hivemind and boy oh boy does it work. By the year 2300, I had enough pops and robots being purged to supply me with 5k food and 500 alloys for 300 YEARS

So ya, I know there are some issues with doing this like crime and instability, but tbh, if the planet revolts itll just spawn a bunch of armys in transport ships on the planet, making it really easy to take back the planet.

But ya, doing this is a really good way to gain some resources as a genocidal empire. TRY IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

(So instructions again)

1) play a genocidal empire 2) conquer some filthy xenos 3) put said xenos on one planet 4) set purge rights to forced labour (or processing or anything that gives you resources) 5) enjoy your long term investment of free resources

Thanks for reading this… horrible post I made at 12 30 in the morning…

(Sorry for any spelling errors, I got really excited when I found out I could do this and wanted to share the idea with everyone in case no one knew. )

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