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stellaris 8 - Fun Origin Brainstorming

I thought it would be fun to think up new Origins for Stellaris, so here are some that had been on my mind for awhile. To preface, these aren’t necessarily balanced nor do i have all the ideas, feel free to critique and add other origins of your design!

Garden of Possibility – Empire starts in a separate L-gate style sub-galaxy that is accessed similarly as the other L-gates(let’s call the new gates, B-gates). The idea is to have an isolated species that is limited in growth capability, forcing tall builds, but re-joins the main galaxy at a point. It would need to contend with multiple lanes of expansion once the B-gates are opened, but also multiple points of attack simultaneously. The empire has zero communication with the main galaxy until their tech, or other empire tech makes it possible to move into/through the B-gates.

Spacial Nomaics – Empire exists entirely on habitat-style moving fleets of cargo/merchant ships. Empire cannot have borders closed to them, and can spawn multiple fleets in a similar method of habitats. The civ does not own any systems, but functions like mega-corps, being able to install short duration timed events to collect specific resources if the system hosts that resource(s). If war is declared against the nomads while a nomad space fleet is in the system, the fleet is moved to another place in the galaxy and any timed events immediately complete. This would be fun as Lithoids could be on large moving groups of rocks, or hive minds could be organic bodies the species lives on, Necroids on bone ships, etc.


Collector – This empire is quite fond of zoos, be it other species or items, it wants all the unique things. For every planet type in it’s empire, the empire gains a small bonus to happiness. For every species in it’s empire, it gains a small happiness bonus. Relics/artifacts are coveted by this empire and can dig for relics/minor relics in tomb worlds, relic worlds, or occupied species worlds. Can use minor artifacts to bring social happiness/ethics attraction/population growth to a planet. I liken this to Civilization’s art/relic system where moving certain relics or spending minor artifacts can provide a boost to said civ/empire. Could start this species in a Relic world, but it would be stepping on the toes of the remnants origin.

The Great Uprising – Your race is the subservient race to a slaver empire(always NPC). You start in the midst of an advanced empire having unified the subservient species across multiple planets, you start to fight back against your captors. I think of this as the subservient race has attained a decent sized fleet to keep their territory and fight against the slaver empire. I would assume they also have the Proles trait as they were the subservient species and the empire player would need to find some smart friends to help the species gain tech. It’s interesting to surmise that even though they might have escaped their bondage, the species could find friends and place them in high positions and end up back in slavery!

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