Gaia Planets should really feel more ‘special’…

stellaris 6 - Gaia Planets should really feel more 'special'...

I'm loving 2.2 so far, but one of the things that has been bothering me is the lack of power that a Gaia Planet should give. Previously, when I encountered a Gaia Planet I would be incredibly happy because of the modifiers and all the interesting stuff that came with a Gaia Planet, but right now it's just habitability and the chance to get a bunch of special Planetary Features.

I don't know, maybe I'm just unlucky with every Gaia Planet I've encountered so far, but I'm missing the real awe value from Gaia Planets, the feeling that they used to give me pre-2.2. A few modifiers, or something else that would make them unique would all help, and I'm almost certain I'm not the only one that feels this way.


Small edit; Apparentely they still give a 10% resource production boost according to someone in the comments. This still isn't enough to even take the Terraforming to Gaia Planets Ascenion Perk in consideration by a long shot, and Gaia Planets still feel lackluster to all the other special things you can enounter right now. I'm sure there's some way to make them feel as they should. Special Districts, different modifiers, more Planetary Features, tons of possibilities. Make Gaia Planets Great Again!

Love to hear your thoughts.

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