Galactic Diversity – WIP

stellaris 6 - Galactic Diversity - WIP

Fellow Stellaris players and modders, im not very active here so I'll introduce myself. Im the author of the New Worlds mod, the current version works as a sub-mod for Planetary Diversity, but before that I had a stand-alone version several years ago, then one compatible with Real Space, then I worked with Exnihil on Planets Enhanced which gave me the knowledge to tackle a bigger project.

One other good thing that came out of Planets Enhanced, was my partnership with Gatekeeper, so this new mod is a joint project, using assets from both Planetary Diverstiy and New Worlds, along with new textures being done especially for the new mod. For now I've been working on the engine by myself while Gatekeeper keeps adding new neat things to Planetary Diversity, but soon I'll need his help with some other features he has more experience with, so the mod will not be complete without us both working on it.

The goal of the mod is to move away from some of vanilla's mechanics, especially the single biome worlds. Although some worlds like desert or oceanic types will still be mostly single-biome, others will have more variety, by using a number of semi-random planet modifiers that will affect what class of planet is spawned, the planet may also be allowed to change if some of those modifiers are improved by terraforming. While the more Earth-like worlds will have bio-diversity represented by blockers which will need clearing to reveal deposits (think of it as surveying a region/sector of the planet, identified by a biome, which will have a chance of spawning a deposit depending on what biome it is).


I dont want to flood this thread with too much information, so I ask you to visit my patreon page even if you dont intend on supporting (those textures could use some funding, my texture artist has been working for free and it would be nice to finally be able to give him something for his work, not to mention me taking time away from my family to work on this on the weekends, but thats my choice).

lexperegrine?fan landing=true - Galactic Diversity - WIP

I've just posted yesterday an update to the Tidally-locked world texture, called Geotidal Class in the new mod. There are several worlds still using vanilla or PD planet textures and my intention is to replace those with new ones. I've added all the habitable worlds by now, unless some new art comes along that works best as a new world, but I have only posted screenshots for about half of them so far, so i'll be revealing more in the next weekends.

If you start reading from the bottom, the bit about the hyperlane rework was more a proof-of-concept I did while working on the star system rescale / initializers, it will be moved to a sub-mod with some changes so it will be optional.

As for compatibility, concerning GPM and Realspace, not at first, and will require compatibility patch which will take extra time and probably some disabled features, I will think about that when the time comes.

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