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stellaris 7 - Game Crossover Event Chain Idea

I was playing the game Frostpunk (a game in which the earth has frozen over) earlier, when I thought back to stellaris and how cool it would be to come across a primitive civilization facing these circumstances. Here’s how the event would play out:

Your science ship scans an uninhabited arctic world, and about 15 days after the survey is complete, an event pops up called “Last Survivors.” Your science crew went over the scans of the planet to find tiny pockets of heat in the far northern and southern poles of the planet. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the planet had recently undergone an extensive cooling phase, and had previously hosted an intelligent species at roughly an Industrial Age Level. This species will have a habitability in the “wet” climate, and only 2 or 3 pops will be present on the planet, and will be purged at a rate of one point/month. “This planet, while habitable for a species that evolved in such conditions, is not survivable for a majority of the species native to the planet. Widespread extinction has already taken place across the surface, and the last refuge of the (species name) now live huddled around combustible fuel burning generators. It is recommended that we build an observation post above the world to monitor the situation better.”

At this point, the player is left to expand to the planet and build the aforementioned observation post. The planet remains a primitive world locked into an “Apocalypse” era (I could see this being used in a multitude of event chains).

Upon building the observation post, the player is given another event box:

The primitives on this planet were relatively close to achieving spaceflight when the climate of their world rapidly shifted, freezing it over. As it stands, they will likely go extinct unless we intervene. The planet would be relatively easy to terraform back, as it appears to have only recently changed.

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A: Begin attempts to change the climate of the planet back to it’s original temperature. (Creates special project, -1000 energy credits, requires science ship and terrestrial sculpting tech)


This would terraform the planet back to whatever habitability matches the native species, and turn them into a regular primitive civilization in the industrial era, stopping the purges and making the primitives act as any other civilization with a moderate opinion bonus if they ever make it to space.

B: Make contact with the primitives and attempt to evacuate them to one of our worlds (requires world with matching habitability)

This would create an event chain which slowly integrates the primitive species into your society with culture shock. The species has a 50 year happiness increase for all existing and new pops, but has the normal culture shock debuff applied for an Industrial Age civilization.

C: Anonymously drop supplies that appear to have been left behind by dying members of (species name). (-50 food, -50 minerals, increases spiritualism and authoritarian attraction among primitives)

This would stop the current purge of the species, and if the species ever makes it to space they will have a moderate permanent opinion modifier. The authoritarian and spiritualism modifiers are from the game Frostpunk, where you are given the option to become a dictatorial leader or a spiritual leader, both equally morally questionable.

D: Fascinating. Leave them be (Outpost passive study society generation +10).

This option would leave the species as is, with the survivors slowly being purged until they go extinct.

That’s basically all I wanted to say. I did write this on mobile so if the formatting is bad I apologize. I understand that it will likely take mods for this to ever possibly happen, which I happen to be incompetent when it come to making. It was just a cool idea I figured I’d share.

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TL;DR: An event chain that ties into the game Frostpunk.

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