Gene-modding in 2.2

stellaris 7 - Gene-modding in 2.2

So currently, gene-modding, especially with bio ascension, is massively tedious and micro-management intensive, if you want to make the most efficient setup possible. Currently it can only be done on a per-species-per-planet basis, meaning that if I want to turn 20% of my drones into mining drones, I have to pick a few planets, hope the numbers work out as close as possible, and then resettle them to mines on other planets. Suffice it to say, this process makes bio ascension a less attractive option than synthetic or psionic, both of which create across-the-board benefits that are done more or less automatically. Additionally, unless you're a machine empire, you cant just build the correct pop on the correct tile or scuttle ones that are over-represented.


Now in 2.2, however, there is a new way to classify pops, besides by species or by planet. Jobs. I would personally LOVE to see the ability to, once a species to be modded is selected, sort not by PLANET, but by JOB as well. This would make the process of modding to specialize pops of a single species (say if you're a hive mind or something) soooooooooo much easier and I think would remove some of the gameplay-based cons around biological ascension. Because in theory it's as powerful as the other two, but WAY more work to achieve efficiency.


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